Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?

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Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? takes a deep dive into the gender identity industry, exploring the issues around allowing children to medically and surgically transition.

The film looks into what gender identity affirmation means when it becomes a doctor’s endorsement of a minor’s distress, or whether doctors can know if patients who diagnose themselves with gender dysphoria will remain happy with irreversible cosmetic procedures.

Exploring the impact of gender identity affirmation on children, the film cuts through the noise and dissects how open discussion and free speech are gashed when affirmation becomes the rule for allowable public debate. 

Viewers can share the Trailer, or watch the documentary on Vimeo or YouTube for free.

“As a transman, I can say that this documentary is painful to watch. Not because it’s wrong but because the information presented is right. We must stop waving at the gender bus as it goes by and deal with reality. Reality is not transphobic, but denying reality is dangerous. Take a seat, watch this film, educate yourself and as I always say, “Start Screaming LOUDER To Save Gender Confused Kids.”
Scott Newgent, founder of