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Venus Rising with Jennifer Block: Why Health Care Needs a Feminist Revolution

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Welcome back to Venus Rising, now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podomatic.! Today we have award winning independent journalist and author Jennifer Block on the show. We will be talking with Jennifer about her work including her newest book,  Everything Below The Waist: Why Health Care Needs a Feminist Revolution (St. Martin’s Press). You might have read her work in The BMJ, […]

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Concerning New Report on Surrogacy

We wanted to call your attention to this report that is available in several languages. We find the report deeply troubling and regret that it appears they did not consult with groups who work toward the abolition of surrogacy for a more comprehensive understanding of the true harms of the issue. For example, the report states, “Rather than bans, there […]

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The Problem of Glaring Inconsistencies

The 1999 satirical film Office Space chronicles the downfall of a comedically dysfunctional software company called Initech. The company hires two independent consultants to analyze the company’s inner workings and ultimately help them downsize by terminating the employment of non-essential workers. Throughout the film, we see the “experts” hyper scrutinize all the wrong “problems,” applaud […]

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Why We Should Say No to Surrogacy

Perhaps you have seen one of the surrogacy puff-pieces already: a woman agrees to “give the gift of life to others” who are unable (or unwilling) to bear their own child, by carrying a child formed from a (sometimes very expensive) “donated” egg that has been fertilised in vitro by the sperm of one of the intended […]

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With Artificial Wombs, Who Needs Women?

We buy genetic material from young men and women. We allow other women to carry our genetic children. We’ve eliminated the need for sex to create a child. Are we eliminating the need for a uterus, too? Are we trying to eradicate the need for women?  According to a new publication in Nature, scientists in […]

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