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Exploring the Intersection of Sexual Politics and Women’s Rights

Welcome back to another interesting episode of Venus Rising, now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podomatic. This week Kallie sits down with a young freelance writer and literary scholar, Donovan Cleckley.  Donovan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Montevallo and a Master of Arts in English from Tulane University. His research focuses on the relationship between women’s […]

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What’s Up With Wyoming?

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I just recently had the privilege of being on air with Speak Your Piece with Darian Dudrick on Big Horn Radio located in Wyoming addressing newfound concerns of surrogacy in the state. I never thought I would have so much involvement with the “Equality State” as I have in the past couple months, but it’s […]

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Women Are Not Egg Vendors

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I have been writing and producing documentary films about the many health risks of egg “donation” for years now. I put “donation” in quotes because the reality is that women are offered large sums of money to sell their eggs. There is no donation taking place here, in the truest sense of the word. Unlike […]

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NOW Says a Man Can Be a Woman

On May 12, 2021 the National Organization for Women (NOW) tweeted this: Trans women are women. They deserve equal opportunity, health care, a safe community & workplace, and they deserve to play sports. They have a right to have their identity respected without conforming to perceived sex and gender identity standards. We stand with you. […]

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Transjacking Biology

On March 26, Scientific American published an article by Dr. Jack Turban, entitled “Trans Girls Belong on Girls’ Sports Teams.” The column ironically appeared in the “policy and ethics” section of the magazine and argued that moral people should strongly oppose the exclusion of trans identified males from female athletic competitions, claiming, without evidence, that […]

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Super Straight: The Latest Sexual Identity

You’ve probably heard of Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly soundtrack for the film of the same name, Rick James’s Super Freak, and the Super-Size Me film from 2004. Now, added to the transgender word salad fight is the newest sexual identity, Super Straight. Kyle Royce, a TikTok social media personality and influencer, started a stir when he introduced the term super straight. Royce […]

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Men Now Want Access to Uterine Transplants

It isn’t good enough that men want to compete in woman’s sports and invade women’s spaces, rendering sex-based protections null and void. Now, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has published the findings from the largest study on its kind, “Perceptions and Motivations for Uterus Transplant in Transgender Women.” This study looked at reproductive aspirations of transgender women (biological males). […]

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I Donated My Eggs and Got Stage 4 Cancer

Maggie was a young, bright-eyed college student when she was first recruited as an egg donor. She eagerly signed up to donate her eggs with plans of helping families while earning some money for her future. Instead, she got stage 4 invasive ductal carcinoma, a diagnosis she is certain she acquired as a result of […]

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Transgender Executive Order Privileges Men Over Women and Boys Over Girls

President Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders (EO) on his first day in the White House. As promised, he signed the EO on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. This should come as no surprise as he campaigned on passing the Equality Act within his first 100 days in office. He wasted no […]

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