Transumanism and the “Will to Evolve”

I am covering a conference on transhumanism and religion, about which I will write at some length elsewhere. For now, I have to say that my previous opinion of transhumanism as a materialistic religion–or perhaps better stated, a worldview that seeks to obtain the benefits of religion without submitting to concepts of sin or the […]

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Immortality Would Not Be Pretty

This season’s Torchwood, which was once fun science fiction — a spinoff of Dr. Who — has this season, become great science fiction. Shades of Death Takes a Holiday, the plot line has human death suddenly stopping, beginning with a child sexual predator/killer who survives his execution — played with magnificent smarminess by Bill Pullman, […]

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The Lexicon of Transhumanism Isn’t the Movement’s Problem

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC It’s been awhile since I checked on the latest anti humanism pitched by the transhumanism propagandist, J. Hughes. He has apparently decided that the usual buzz words used to promote the movement–the notion that we should “seize control of human evolution” (as if we have […]

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