With Surrogate Mothers, US Citizenship Is for Sale

The international surrogacy market is fraught with problems, but one major problem that goes largely unnoticed is that U.S. citizenship is being bought and sold to international couples who hire U.S. surrogate mothers to carry their children to birth. Here is a short primer on how one becomes a U.S. citizen. First, most Americans have birthright citizenship, meaning anyone […]

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Biological Colonialism at the Movies

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC HBO has a documentary out that apparently highlights the baby gestating industry that is growing in India, which I have dealt with before (see here and here and here). Christianity Today takes note in its Women’s Blog. From “Outsourcing Baby Making in India:” Two scenes […]

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Egg Donors and Human Trafficking

I wrote an article with a colleague of mine linking egg donation to human trafficking. “Whenever most people hear the term “egg donor,” they usually consider this a good thing, as most of us assume that anyone who donates is altruistically motivated and thus engaged in something intrinsically good. And besides, it’s for a great […]

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