You Helped Stop A Surrogate Pregnancy

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In the midst of countless legislative efforts backed by heavily funded messaging campaigns that oppose our efforts, it can sometimes be difficult to quantify our impact or pause to celebrate our accomplishments. Then we receive emails like this one: I am writing this email to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work you do, and […]

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When Giving the Gift of Life Costs You Your Life

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Due to the advocacy and educational work I do around the medical, ethical, and legal risks involved in surrogate pregnancies, I was recently alerted that another U.S. gestational surrogate died. Lydia Cox died July 18, 2021, at the age of 33. She was married and the mother of four children. Per her husband Trey’s TikTok message, Lydia […]

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COVID-19 and Surrogacy

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We are quickly approaching the second anniversary of what was the start of a virus that has wrecked our mental and physical health, invaded our safety and comfort, ruined our economy and personal finances, and forever impacted our lives and our world. At the start of the pandemic Jennifer and I were closely following news […]

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My Surrogacy Nightmare: Toni’s Story

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On today’s episode of Venus Rising, Kallie sits down with the fearless advocate, Toni Bare. In 2016 Toni agreed to be a gestational surrogate for a couple with hopes that she would make enough money to pay for her own fertility treatment. Toni’s experience as a surrogate mother was so horrific  and harmful she has committed to publicly speaking out against […]

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What’s Up With Wyoming?

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I just recently had the privilege of being on air with Speak Your Piece with Darian Dudrick on Big Horn Radio located in Wyoming addressing newfound concerns of surrogacy in the state. I never thought I would have so much involvement with the “Equality State” as I have in the past couple months, but it’s […]

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Here’s What I Learned During My Four Surrogate Pregnancies

Welcome back to Venus Rising, now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podomatic. Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with four-time surrogate mother, Alyssia Wood.  Having wonderful pregnancy experiences with each of her four children, Alyssia felt that surrogacy was an obvious way for her to help others start or build their own families. She is […]

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