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Debate on the Business of the Pill Continues

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I’m prone to say because of the work I do in bioethics, that “the pill allowed us to have sex, without having babies, and now reproductive technologies allow us to have babies without having sex.” I use Elton John and his partner David Furnish as my illustration. Elton and David came to California to buy eggs from […]

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Exploring the Intersection of Sexual Politics and Women’s Rights

Welcome back to another interesting episode of Venus Rising, now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podomatic. This week Kallie sits down with a young freelance writer and literary scholar, Donovan Cleckley.  Donovan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Montevallo and a Master of Arts in English from Tulane University. His research focuses on the relationship between women’s […]

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My Surrogacy Nightmare: Toni’s Story

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On today’s episode of Venus Rising, Kallie sits down with the fearless advocate, Toni Bare. In 2016 Toni agreed to be a gestational surrogate for a couple with hopes that she would make enough money to pay for her own fertility treatment. Toni’s experience as a surrogate mother was so horrific  and harmful she has committed to publicly speaking out against […]

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Surrogacy Wreaked Havoc On My Health

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Hello and welcome back to Venus Rising Season THREE, now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podomatic. We have so many wonderful guests lined up for this season. Before introducing someone new, we decided to kick-off season three with someone you met last season, Alyssia Wood. Kallie spoke with Alyssia about her experience as a surrogate mother, but only […]

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Women Are Not Egg Vendors

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I have been writing and producing documentary films about the many health risks of egg “donation” for years now. I put “donation” in quotes because the reality is that women are offered large sums of money to sell their eggs. There is no donation taking place here, in the truest sense of the word. Unlike […]

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Fertility Drugs and Cancer (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of my investigation concerning fertility drugs and cancer risk. In this article, I am going to examine a publication from 2017 titled “Use of fertility medications and cancer risk: A review and update”.  This publication, unlike the first, was a review of recent literature or research already in existence. It didn’t […]

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Men Now Want Access to Uterine Transplants

It isn’t good enough that men want to compete in woman’s sports and invade women’s spaces, rendering sex-based protections null and void. Now, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has published the findings from the largest study on its kind, “Perceptions and Motivations for Uterus Transplant in Transgender Women.” This study looked at reproductive aspirations of transgender women (biological males). […]

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“Stop Telling Couples All Roads Lead to IVF”

Are you struggling with infertility or gynecological issues such as PCOS or endometriosis? Do you feel like typical infertility treatments are failing women and couples? Are you interested in freezing your eggs? Are you in the medical field or just interested in women’s reproductive health? If so, today’s episode is especially for you! Today we […]

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