Developing: Congressional Committee Moves to Block D.C. Assisted Suicide Law

The Washington Post reports that a House committee has voted to block Washington, D.C.’s assisted suicide law from going into effect. In order for the law to be blocked completely, however, the full House and Senate will have to vote, and will have to do so by Friday because of a 30-day oversight window. It is at […]

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This Week in Bioethics

1. Surrogacy Bill in Louisiana Here we go again. After two previous attempts—thankfully vetoed by then Governor Bobby Jindal—another surrogacy bill has been introduced in the state of Louisiana. This new bill has passed the House, so we will be monitoring it closely while trying to educate the people in Louisiana of the many pitfalls […]

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California Physician Assisted Suicide Bill Moving To Vote

During last week’s This Week in Bioethics update, I alerted you to the fact that the California Physician Assisted Suicide Bill was in suspense in the state senate and would likely fail. I am sad to report that in a surprise move, the state senate’s appropriations committee has approved the bill and moved it forward […]

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