multiple births

She Just Gave Birth to Nine Babies. How Did This Happen?

Do you remember Octomom, Nadya Suleman? I do. In fact, one of my college friends dressed up as Octomom for a Halloween party when I was in college. Both studying reproductive physiology, we thought the outfit and the eight corresponding babies she stuck to her costume were hilarious. Clearly my prefrontal cortex hadn’t developed fully […]

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Single Embryo Transfer Best – DUH!

A piece just out in the LATimes (although the concept is not new) addresses the practice of only transferring a single embryo into the mother’s womb when carrying out IVF. The author writes, “data published in today’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine show that what they’re really doing is increasing their odds […]

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New Study out of Canada Points to More Reckless IVF

The Canadian Institute for Health Information has a new study out showing over the last decade a 25% increase in premature births (babies delivered before 37 weeks). The report notes that mothers over 35 years of age are at a 10% higher risk of pre-term delivery and that pre-term delivery in mother’s with “multiples” (twins […]

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