Now is the Time to Stop Three-Parent IVF

The UK rubber stamp Embryo Authority has approved the manufacture of three-parent human embryos. The process is done by removing the nucleus from the egg of one woman, putting it into the enucleated egg of another, and then fertilizing with sperm. Voila, three biological parents. The approach is supposed to enable women with mitochondrial disease—who […]

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What Risks Should We Accept in Disease Prevention?

I read with much interest Marcy Darnvosky’s article in Nature, “A Slippery Slope to Human Germline Modification.” The article focuses on the ethics of the technology used to create “three-parent embryos.” This new technique has been given the green light for trial by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in the U.K. and will […]

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Elective Single Embryo Transfer

eSET – That’s the new term for the latest recommendation to only transfer ONE embryo at a time into a woman’s uterus. Why is eSET the lastest craze? First, because women were not designed to have ‘litter’ births. And second, one baby at a time is better for the baby. DUH! I am no fan […]

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