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“As this important film reveals, current treatment protocols for gender-dysphoric children have little or nothing to do with science and evidence, and are instead shaped by ideology. “Trans-Mission” adds the voices of dissident scientists – and, most importantly, that of regretters: people who medically transitioned and then reversed course. Anyone who cares about child safeguarding or evidence-based medicine needs to watch it.
-Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, due out on July 15th.

Trans-Mission is a fantastic contribution to the conversation that our nation needs to have about so-called “transition.” Offering feminist critiques of gender ideology, parents’ rights perspectives, and science, this film is sure to increase public awareness of the problems associated with gender and the entire “gender identity” industry. Please watch this film and share it widely with friends and family. 
Kara Dansky, Feminist, attorney, and author

Science has long shown that medical transition is right for some—but only some—people with gender dysphoria.  Trans-Mission documents the terrible costs of transitioning the wrong people. Trans-Mission separates transsexuality, the medical phenomenon, from transsexuality, the media phenomenon—one capable of misleading vulnerable youth, desperate for reasons they don’t fit in.  Sharing the experiences of people who discovered, in only the hardest way possible, that transition was not the solution to their distress, Trans-Mission provides overdue balance to the idea that automatic affirmation of a gender identity is automatically the right answer for everyone. Before Trans-Mission, cases of desistance were often dismissed as a merely abstract political point, with denials even that such people existed.  By exploring the real-world consequences on individual people and their families, the film helps ensure medical transition gets to those who will benefit, but only those who will benefit.”
-James Cantor, PhD
Director, Toronto Sexuality Centre

One of the most concerning and harmful things happening in the world today is the wholesale and uncritical encouragement of transition in minors. Trans-Mission sheds much-needed light on this issue and is an invitation to start having crucial conversations about it that will lead to protecting some of our most vulnerable kids. Watch this film, share it, and start talking. 
-James Lindsay, Best-selling author and founder of New Discourses

The film powerfully conveys that children with gender dysphoria are the victims of a powerful ideology, with bereft parents desperately attempting to protect them in the face of social hostility.
Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans, sociologist and author of Transgender Body Politics

“At a time when so many of us are afraid to simply engage in conversation for fear of being labeled a bigot, TRANS MISSION is bold enough to ask, ‘Can we talk?’ Issues discussed in this risk-taking piece should be mandatory requirements for parents and cause more than a pause about accepting the dangerous rabbit hole of ‘affirmation.’ The warnings found in TRANS MISSION support the campaign that we have to protest pediatric gender clinics across America. While most of the populace has been caught unawares, there are a handful of us activists who’ve been fighting this rapidly growing industry surrounding ‘gender identity’. No child is born in the wrong body and we seek to wake up everyone to that fact.”   –Joey Brite, “Can I get a Witness”

“Finally. Finally, somebody with the courage to call out the real harm being caused to children diagnosed with gender dysphoria by the raging transgender moral panic that, with the intensity of a flash flood, has swept the medical intelligentsia, tech companies, the media, and Hollywood. In the name of being “affirming,” children’s normal puberties are being blocked and teenagers subjected to mastectomies, as families, thrown into the vortex of ideological “science” are being torn apart. Some say that these issues are no longer debatable. But they not only remain unsettled but must be explored more deeply and rationally without fear of sanction or censure. Kudos to the CBC for producing this important film.”
Wesley J. Smith, author of Culture of Death: The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine and Chairman of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism.

“With hundreds of counted gender clinics for children and teens in the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe a documentary like this is crucial. Many people don’t want to hear the truth and think it doesn’t affect them- but it does. This documentary is difficult to watch but is must see viewing.”
Alix Aharon co-founder Partners for Ethical Care and founder of The Gender Mapping Project

Trans Mission is a compelling, forensic, deep dive into the gender identity industry. Who is profiting? How are people coping, from parents to clinicians and detransitioners? And where do we go from here? Jennifer Lahl has taken us on a fast-paced journey through the matrix of body dysphoria, captured institutions, parents floundering for help on dry land in a sea of gender fluidity seizing their children’s mind with the obsessive force of a cult. Aside Lahl and her terrific film, medical professionals putting their heads above the parapet are the real heroes here, leaving us with hope and resolve to find a way to help the kids caught in the maw of the medical industrial complex.”
Jennifer Bilek, Investigative journalist, author of The 11th Hour Blog, examining the intersections of Transgender, Technology and Capitalism #FollowTheMoney

“As a transman, I can say that this documentary is painful to watch. Not because it’s wrong but because the information presented is right. We must stop waving at the gender bus as it goes by and deal with reality. Reality is not transphobic, but denying reality is dangerous. Take a seat, watch this film, educate yourself and as I always say, “Start Screaming LOUDER To Save Gender Confused Kids.”
Scott Newgent, founder of http://TReVoices.org – Trans Rational Educational Voices – Educating on the reality if transgenderism

“For anyone who still believes the trans debate is about a fight for equality, this film is must-see.  Prepare to question everything you’ve been told about trans kids!”
Isabella Malbin, Whose Body Is It 

“’Trans-Mission’ beautifully contributes voices of detransitioners and scientists that have been missing from the dominant narrative. The film also shows how the prevailing narrative’s dominance has not been earned by a dispassionate appraisal of science. Everyone who cares about the gender dysphoric must watch.sing from the dominant narrative. The film also shows how the prevailing narrative’s dominance has not been earned by a dispassionate appraisal of science. Everyone who cares about the gender dysphoric must watch.
-Michael Bailey, Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University

“The greatest tragedy for dysphoric, non-conforming and transgender people today is the widespread misinformation regarding medical and psychological complications related to transition. Trans Mission is among the first films to accurately document the real-life consequences of adopting a simplistic and ideological view of gender. This is an important and ground-breaking piece that seeks to tell the truth about one of today’s most contentious and difficult subjects.”
-Sasha Ayad, M.Ed., LPC

There is currently no convincing evidence that hormonal and/or surgical interventions improve the long-term mental and/or physical health of youth with gender dysphoria. This important new film by JenniferLahl highlights that fact and the consequences of ignoring this reality.”
-Will Malone, M. D., Endocrinologist and Clinical Advisor to the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM)