An Update from the President

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on March 23, 2021

Dear friends,

I am always excited when Paul Ramsey Institute alumni email us with achievements and successes. Most recently, Todd Daly authored a new book titled Chasing Methuselah: Theology, the Body, and Slowing Human Aging. Accomplishments like this remind me that we really are changing the world. This extends to every single one of you who partner with us through financial support.

The Paul Ramsey Fellowship application period is open now through March 31st. Space is always limited and the selection process tough. Growing this program is a dream of ours. Might you consider sponsoring a fellow or donating to this program so that we can continue to cultivate achievements like those of Paul Kalanathi, author of the bestselling book When Breath Becomes Air and Dylan Griswold,a medical student at Stanford, now completing a Gates Cambridge Scholarship? The cost to CBC to fund just one fellow for our 2-year fellowship is $5000. Truly a great investment into our plans to seed the academy, the medical – legal professions, and the culture.

One of our newest Paul Ramsey fellows, soon to graduate from the program, has stepped into the role of Executive Director at the CBC. Kallie Fell began with the CBC in a volunteer capacity in 2017. In 2019 she took over the position of Research Assistant, focusing heavily on our work in assisted reproduction. In June 2020 we announced her new role as Executive Director. Since then, she has become the lead on Venus Rising and has started to transition into the role of Program Director for the Paul Ramsey Institute. I am thrilled to have her on board! Of course, with a new and growing staff, our operation costs increase. Perhaps you would like to donate to our operation cost so that we may continue to grow as an organization.

We have been working nonstop on two projects that we hope to announce very soon. One is a new film in post-production and the other project is top-secret! Jennifer and Kallie spent the last months of 2020 traveling and interviewing key players for this new film. Filming has wrapped and the editing has begun. I know that you will be excited for both, so stay tuned!

We appreciate all of your support!

Jennifer Lahl, 
CBC President

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