Breeders at the Roxie

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on May 14, 2014

Last night was our third theatrical screening of Breeders: A Subclass of Women?. The Roxie Theater is in the heart of the San Francisco Mission district and it is an icon for those familiar with this beautiful city. The Roxie is a non-profit organization, which means the venue is quite affordable—a plus for our non-profit.

It was a terribly hot day, and sitting in an air-conditioned, dark theater, the audience settled in. I welcomed everyone telling them that my remarks would be made after the film and hopefully we could have a lively discussion. I explained that I wanted the stories of the film to roll-out and for them to just take them in.

My preference is to always sit in the back of the room so I can gauge the audience reaction. At what points will they typically gasp, or chuckle, or—to use an over-used phrase—lean in. I’m still gathering that data, but the Q & A period is starting to develop some themes. People are baffled by Cindy’s story, “how could that happen?!?” Heather is powerful in describing the little boy she has still not seen to this day. Everyone seems to love the story Tanya tells at the end of the film. This is affirmation to me; as the cameras were rolling I sensed it would be the final word of the film.

I hope you make the time to see Breeders. We are setting up some big screenings in New York, Washington DC, and beyond. You can also buy the DVD or watch it online.




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