NIH, Obama, Documentary Film and yes EGGS

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on August 18, 2009

I have intentionally taken a lot of time off over the summer as I was busy with several other important deadlines.

First, the all consuming efforts of getting a documentary film completed and then launched. An enormous amount of work to be sure. If you haven’t already seen this film, you really should pick up a copy of the DVD available here. We’ve done several screenings and it is getting met with quite favorable reviews. It will air Sept. 1 on over 100 cable outlets in the country.
Secondly, I am writing a book which is about 75-80% completed. The thrust of the book will be a critique of all the various reproductive technologies and of course offer my reflective comments on them as well as my recommendations moving forward. I am actively looking for an agent/publisher if anyone has any leads.
I hope to begin providing good commentary on what is happening in the U.S. and globally as it relates to bioethics. Of course, Obama has retired the Bush Council on Bioethics, has overturned the Bush policy on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, has nominated Francis Collins to head up the NIH, which will be interesting to watch how he navigates through left/right politics for the betterment of ethical scientific research.
Here’s some of what I’m reading this week:
Stay tuned for more on the Human Future.

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