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by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on June 9, 2009

IVF Twins have health compromised

Normally conceived twins are healthier and IVF twins spend about an extra 4 days in hospital after birth, have an almost 4-fold increased risk of admission to neo-natal intensive care, and an increased risk of hospital admission in the first three years. As the authors point out, IVF is not only riskier but more expensive.”

16 year old surrogate tells her story of helping her sister have a baby.

Reproductive Tourism, now called Cross-border reproductive services, discusses three characteristics of countries which are more “friendly” to reproductive tourism:

Three key characteristics of many countries that have become popular destinations for cross border reproductive services are: first, the lack of regulation affording adequate protection for the parties most directly affected, i.e. donors, surrogates, patients and children; second, the operation of a commercial market in human gametes – especially eggs – and women’s gestational services; and third a level of secrecy that helps to conceal unprofessional, unethical and illegal practices.”

Even the economy has touched the IVF industry with reports of clinics struggling with slow economy.

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