Single Embryo Transfer Works Better – New Study Says

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on March 25, 2009

Here’s a report on another couple of new studies which seem to just confirm the obvious stating this:

“Implanting single embryos into the wombs of women seeking to boost fertility is more effective and less costly than placing two embryos at a time, a pair of studies released Wednesday found.”

With the recent news of the birth of Octuplets, current IVF practices are finally coming under much needed scrutiny. I’ve written much on the out-of-control reproductive-medicine-gone-wild approach in the U.S. Young women exploited for their eggs. Poor women exploited for their eggs and sperm. The very eugenic nature of IVF in our selective screening of embryos we don’t choose, and the eugenic selection of perfect egg and sperm donors as we design our children. And what about the children who are left searching the world to find their biological parents. And these two studies pointing out the recklessness of implanting more than one embryo at a time. Women were never meant to give birth to litters and multiple births put even the children at risk for prematurity, low-birth weight and all the short and long-term risks associated with that.

Finally, maybe we will get some proper regulation and oversight since the IVF industry and the fertility specialists and strong IVF lobby have fought so hard against it for so long?

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