by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on April 16, 2008

Sorry for the travel hiatus. Great trip to London. More to come on that later, but for now catching up on some great things in my inbox over the last week.

My friend sent me this from which is very interesting on the role the FDA has on approving clinical trials in humans using embryonic stem cells (which to date have only offered tumors!):

“The FDA is under public pressure to release new treatments quickly, and it must also assuage safety concerns that have resulted when approved medicines were found to have dangerous side effects after they gained widespread use, Pratt said.” “Don’t stand in the way of new medical therapies, and for God’s sake, don’t let any American get hurt,” Pratt said of the mixed regulatory message the FDA hears. “They don’t know where to draw the line on stem cells right now, and there’s no way they would.”

Also in was this piece on the German vote which was passed and will now allow scientists more expansive use of human embryonic stem cells for their research. The previous law only allowed the use of embryonic stem cells created six years ago. The new law allows the use of human embryonic stem cells created as recently as May of 2007.

And this piece about cloning technology enabling us to create our children! The article comes complete with this visual aid on the new cloning method!

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