Artificial Sperm to be Allowed for Babymaking

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on March 9, 2008

So on one hand in the crazy thinking of the U.K. laws, you can’t design deaf children intentionally, you must only implant embryos deemed ‘normal’ but you can use artificial sperm to make babies.

“The technique involves the creation in a lab of sperm grown from embryonic cells taken from the would-be parent. Although the science is in its infancy, it could ultimately help people rendered infertile by cancer treatment, or fortysomething women who can no longer produce their own eggs, to have children who are genetically related to them.”

Does artificial sperm mean artificial baby? I doubt it, but who would want to be the first test case here?

“So far pregnancies have been successfully created only in mice: of seven born alive, all died prematurely. Experts believe it could be 10 years before a human pregnancy could be safely attempted.”

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