Outsourcing our Pregnancies

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on January 4, 2008

I was reading a magazine over the Christmas holiday while waiting. The article was on outsourcing and listed as #1 PREGNANCY. We are outsourcing our pregnancies! Surrogate women in India (seen in this picture) are waiting to be examined at a local hospital.

Here’s an article in the NYTimes yesterday by Judith Warner. Warner writes these chilling words, “

But our rules of decency seem to differ when the women in question are living in abject poverty, half a world away. Then, selling one’s body for money is not degrading but empowering. And the transaction is not outsourcing of the basest nature – not modern-day wet-nursing taken to the nth degree – but a good deal for everyone concerned. “There’s nothing wrong in this,” Priyanka Sharma, another surrogate, concluded the Marketplace segment. “We give them a baby and they give us much-needed money. It’s good for them and for us.”

In its perverse way, surrogacy does seem to bring a measure of empowerment to the poor Indian women who take part in it.”

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