Of Animal Eggs and Human Embryos

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on October 9, 2007

When the NY Times wrote this, I fired off a letter to the editor at the encouragement of my good friend Wesley J. Smith. No surprise that the NYT didn’t run my letter. So, I’m running it here. This is what I sent them:

The New York Times editorial (Of Animal Eggs and Human Embryos Sept. 24, 2007 Opinion) supporting the use of animal eggs and lamenting the dearth of human eggs for use in somatic cell nuclear transfer research misses an important point. Egg donation can be dangerous, with potential side effects that include sterility, infection, stroke—even death. We should not bemoan the failure of advertising campaigns to entice young girls to offer up their eggs or deride ethical guidelines or state regulations that seek to protect women. Payment is not the issue. Ease of research is not the issue. With regard to harvesting human eggs, our only concern should be the health and well being of women. Alas, too often, their welfare seems to be the last thing that research promoters care about.

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