10 year anniversary in Oregon is not so happy

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on October 11, 2007

This month marks the ten year anniversary of Oregonians passing their physician aid in dying law. The Pew Forum has a report out that confirms this is still quite controversial. Hallelujah! The day doctors assisting in death becomes mainstream is the day I want my lethal prescription! This survey, from 2005 shows split views. Some two years later, people still have mixed views on supporting this ‘practice’. I’ve always said that euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, physician aid in dying, or whatever euphemism you want to attach to it, is the ultimate in patient abandonment. Yes, people do get sick and die however, we should not promote the intentional ending of life and then cover it up with words like ‘compassion’ and ‘dignity’. Palliative care – YES Killing – NO

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