The Center for Bioethics and Culture prides itself on protecting both women and children who are wronged by the practice of third party reproduction. While we support an outright ban on the practice of surrogacy and we work to stop the buying and selling of human eggs, we also know that there are victims that must be cared for today.

That’s why we’ve set up a fund to support those harmed.

Too often there are women who enter into these practices unaware of the dangers they present, coerced by others, or feeling as if they have no other options. Increasingly, these women are finding themselves in unconscionable situations and need our support.

Take for example two surrogate mothers who recently contacted us—both carrying healthy triplets—both pressured under legal contract to abort one of the babies. Read about their stories in the New York Post (herehere, and here), Cosmopolitan, Yahoo ParentingAtlanta Journal Constitution, CNS News, Daily Mail, or Sun.

Or the surrogate mother or egg donor who is bravely fighting for custody of their children and now face thousands of dollars in legal expenses. And let’s not forget the women like Maggie who may wish to pursue legal remedy for the harm done to them resulting from selling their eggs.

It’s unconscionable that anyone would willingly risk one woman’s health for their desire to have a baby.

It’s unconscionable that doctors and attorneys stand to gain from participating in the big business of reproductive technology.

It’s unconscionable that children are intentionally severed from their biological parents.

Will you join us in standing with those exploited with a donation now? Help us end the abuse of third-party reproduction and support those in need with your gift.

Funds given through this page will be prioritized for those affected by surrogacy and third-party reproduction

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