Surrogacy on TV

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The software that runs our website this morning alerted me that an article from the website had published an article that linked to our issue page on Surrogacy. So of course I clicked through to read the article entitled “‘Roseanne,’ ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Superstore,’ and more Take Baby Steps to Examine Surrogacy on TV.” It […]

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Recap of Our Trip to Spain, Surrogacy Fiction and Fact, A Call for Egg Donor Follow-up Research

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#StopSurrogacyNow in Spain Jennifer and I spent last week in Madrid, Spain, as part of our Stop Surrogacy Now project. Among the members of the Stop Surrogacy Now coalition joining us there was Pierrette Pape, Policy and Campaigns Director for the European Women’s Lobby (EWL). She wrote a recap of our time together, and it […]

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2016 Winners and Losers

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Each year at this time we look back over the past twelve months with an eye toward identifying those whose lives and work actively promoted and affirmed a truly human future, and those who did not. Winners: Stephanie Packer is more than a winner; she really is a hero. Sitting down with her while making […]

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“Gilmore Girls’” Subtle Critique of Surrogacy

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GUEST POST by Chaney Mullins Spoiler Alert: This piece reveals several details of the four new episodes of Gilmore Girls recently released on Netflix. Gilmore Girls, about single mom Lorelai and her daughter Rory, always stood out as the paramount mother-daughter show, so it always had a lot to say about motherhood. But the Netflix […]

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A Tale of Eggsploitation

This fall NBC brings us a tale of eggsploitation, The New Normal: A Post-Modern Family (She’s Having Their Baby). From the preview trailer, embedded below: Click through our egg donor file, find your match, and then implant it in a surrogate. She’s just like an easy bake oven, except with no legal rights to the […]

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