Human Experimentation Without Consent Is Basis of a Growth Industry

That we would allow humans to be experimented on without their knowledge or consent sounds like something out of the past. But in the world of assisted reproduction, more commonly called in vitro fertilization (IVF), it happens by the tens of thousands each day, all around the world, to human embryos. Allow me to explain. IVF is […]

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Man’s Final Conquest

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I recently read, “The Future of Everything: The Cutting Edge of Health,” in The Wall Street Journal. I was a pediatric critical care nurse for many years, working in high-tech health care, where we were always pushing the technology envelope while trying to stay on the right side of the razor-thin line of ethics. Could […]

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Venus Rising Calls the Midwife

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2020 has been deemed the “year of the nurse and the midwife.” For this reason, we couldn’t let 2020 come to an end without interviewing midwife and family nurse practitioner, MaryLou Singleton.  MaryLou has practiced as a midwife for over 20 years, attending over 1000 planned homebirths in the Albuquerque area. She now runs an independent clinic, Enchanted Family […]

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Are the Kids Alright?

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For the little girl who seemed to have everything, little Monroe Christine Lewis is now front and center of a nasty separation and custody battle, and her father, Jeff Lewis, is reporting that she needs counseling. Monroe was born on Oct. 25, 2016, and is nearly 4 years old. She was the product of a four-party commercial contract […]

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What It’s Like to be a Surrogate

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Welcome back to Season 2 of Venus Rising! This season is full of special guests and personal stories you won’t want to miss, so subscribe today! Today, Jennifer talks with Alicia Gruber. Alicia, a mom of two and military wife, has experience as a surrogate mother and also runs multiple surrogacy support groups. As you know, Venus […]

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New Project in the Works!

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Dear friends, What a rough year 2020 is proving to be! It is a contentious election year during the global Coronavirus pandemic. The long-term economic fallout will not be seen for years as businesses scramble to keep afloat and people try to eke out a living. Depression, suicide, and domestic violence are soaring as it […]

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Now Available for Viewing!

Last week the CBC hosted a dynamite (sold out) webinar featuring Swedish author and culture critic Kajsa Ekis Ekman, CBC European Special Consultant Gary Powell, and CBC President Jennifer Lahl as they discussed surrogacy’s urgent need for an international solution to protect human rights. As promised, the event’s video is now available to view. Please watch […]

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A Global Conversation On Surrogacy

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The Center for Bioethics and Culture cordially invites you to join us for A Global Conversation on Surrogacy featuring Swedish author and culture critic Kajsa Ekis Ekman, CBC European Special Consultant Gary Powell, and CBC President Jennifer Lahl, all original signers of the Stop Surrogacy Now petition. The free Zoom presentation promises to be dynamic […]

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The German government is doing nothing about the trade in children

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By Beatrix von Storch, Member of the Bundestag That the German federal government shows no interest in enforcing the current ban on surrogacy while being keen to teach lessons about the rule of law and human dignity to those whose thinking differs from its own does it no credit whatever. It has answered a question […]

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Summer Reads: “Little Fires Everywhere”

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Do you ever pick up a book that you know nothing about and just start reading?  That is what happened to me when I purchased Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  I had heard some buzz about the TV show adaptation of the book on Hulu. Then I saw some comments on Twitter about the […]

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Counting Our Blessings

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Dear friends, Every autumn as the holidays start to approach, I become acutely aware of all of the wonderful people in my life. Gratitude seems to permeate throughout the air at this time of year, and I want you to know just how incredibly grateful the CBC is for you and your support. I hope […]

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Egg Harvesting, Gene Editing, and Artificial Wombs

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New Venus Rising Episode with Wesley J. Smith Join us for a brand new episode of Venus Rising as Jennifer Lahl has the privilege to sit down with lawyer and award-winning author, Wesley J. Smith, to discuss egg harvesting, gene-editing, artificial wombs and more! Wesley Smith has authored or co-authored 14 books and hundreds of articles or opinion […]

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Watch #BigFertility with Me

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On Tuesday, October 30, I will be hosting a screening of our latest documentary film, #BigFertility, at the CBC offices. If you are in or near the Bay Area, please come and join us! We’ll have plenty of refreshments, we’ll watch the film, and there will be an opportunity for Q&A. This will be a […]

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Surrogate Motherhood Does Not Create Relationships, It Tears Them Apart

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Surrogacy does not serve human relationships. Surrogacy severs human relationships, which damages our shared human future. Karen, a friend who watches over the Facebook page for a film Jennifer Lahl and I made, “Anonymous Father’s Day,” recently posted a HuffPost Personal article titled, “I Chose To Be A Surrogate Mother. I Didn’t Know It Would Break My […]

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#BigFertility Now Available for Rent or Purchase

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Today is the day! #BigFertility: It’s All About The Money is now available, worldwide, for rent or purchase. Watch ( and Share ( We have two requests: First, please watch the film. This is an important story of how the distorted version of fertility medicine that is #BigFertility preys upon people in need, and it […]

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Newly Updated Resource

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I’m really excited to share with you today a great, newly updated resource put together by our summer legal intern Lois. As you probably know from following our work, when it comes to surrogacy, the United States is a patchwork of laws. Some might describe it as a real mess. We’ve been tracking all of […]

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FREE on Amazon Prime!

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I’m pleased to announce that our award-winning film Eggsploitation is now available FREE on Amazon Prime! In fact, all of the films in our third-party reproduction trilogy are now available FREE to Amazon Prime members. This is something we’ve been working on for quite a while, and we are very glad that we can make […]

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“Myth-Busting” or Misguided? Forgetting the Baby in Surrogacy Research

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by Lois McLatchie, University of Kent, CBC Legal Intern In late 2015, a team of “myth-busting” researchers from the University of Kent collaborated with Surrogacy UK to disprove some “common misunderstandings” about Britain’s reproductive technology industry. Praising an altruistic model of the industry, the scholars hoped to present ideas for legal reform that “centre on […]

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