The Fallout from Brittany Maynard’s Case Begins

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The New Jersey state assembly is scheduled to vote on a bill today that would allow physician assisted suicide within the state. The bill’s sponsor, John Burzichelli, has publicly said that Brittany Maynard’s death earlier this month has added momentum to the bill. Fortunately, the bill would also have to pass the senate and state […]

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Mourning Brittany Maynard—and Offering a Better Example

The death of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old terminally ill woman who took her own life on November 1st utilizing Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” law, is not just a personal tragedy, but also one for the institution of medicine at large. The CBC has long been one of the most vocal opponents of physician-assisted suicide, and […]

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Lessons on the Limits of Medicalization of Life and Death

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The October issue of First Things magazine offers a chilling column from Kalman Kaplan, Clinical Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. In the column Kaplan chronicles his correspondence with Martha Wichorek—who would later to become the 70th person to die using the assistance of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the […]

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Reclaiming what “Dying with Dignity” Means

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A profile piece in today’s New York Times on one woman’s fight to fulfill her father’s last wish to die at home evidences the horrific conditions that many elderly patients are forced to endure in the final stages of their lives. The story has also sparked a “Room for Debate” discussion on “Finding Humane Care […]

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If You Ask Us, We Want Life!

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That’s what demonstrators were chanting outside a pro-euthanasia conference in Chicago last week (see video below). Canadian anti-euthanasia activists traveled from Quebec to join U.S. groups like Not Dead Yet (NDY) and American Disabled for Attendant Programs (ADAPT) to protest for three days outside the World Federation of Right to Die Societies conference. The director […]

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Why Doctors Must Not Kill—Still!

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Earlier this week a woman in British Columbia committed suicide as an act of protest against Canada’s ban on physician assisted suicide. An article in the Vancouver Sun describes her final moments: Bennett, who was 85 and in the early stages of dementia, chose to take her own life with a draught of good whiskey, […]

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Suicide Cult Pushes Home Made Suicide Kits

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Suicide advocacy never stops. Even as the world mourns a celebrity self-destruction, Derek Humphry’s group ERGO — Euthanasia Research Guidance Organization — continues the death proselytizing — this time pushing a booklet, How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit. Humphry lives in Oregon, by the way. Legalization of assisted suicide does not stop suicide […]

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Assisted Suicide Death Cult “Death Coaching”

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I discovered the assisted suicide death cult when my friend Frances killed herself under the influence of the Hemclock Society, since evolved into Compassion and Choices. This pernicious group taught her how to kill herself, what drugs to take, how to use a plastic bag — and gave her moral permission to do it. It […]

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“Euthanize Dying Poor” in Lithuania?

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This is the inescapable logic of euthanasia: It is much more expensive to care for ill and disabled patients than “compassionately” kill them. As I like to say, it may take $1,000 for assisted suicide but $100,000 to provide the care that helps the patient not want end to their lives. The new Lithuanian Health […]

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Compassion and Choices Pushes Suicide by Starvation

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The people at Compassion and Choices are blatantly mendacious. And the media do not care. In the wake of the Diane Rehm story, in which she describes her husband committing suicide by self-starvation (“voluntary stop eating and drinking,” or VSED) and pushes legalizing doctor-prescribed death, the suicide-boosting NBC claims that Compassion and Choices wants to […]

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Starving Our Way Toward Lethal Injections

I continue to push back against the starvation killing agenda now being promoted vigorously among assisted suicide advocacy groups and by some bioethics. Toward that end, I have a piece just out in the Weekly Standard warning about where this is heading. First, I establish context. From, “The Ethics of Food and Drink:” Should the […]

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Andrew Lloyd Weber Changes Mind on Suicide

Andrew Lloyd Weber might not still be here if assisted suicide had been legal. He wanted to die and almost was set to go to Switzerland. Now, he’s glad he didn’t. From the Telegraph story: Lord Lloyd-Webber, the West End impresario, was so convinced he wanted to die last year that he took steps to […]

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The Collatoral Damage From Suicide Advocacy

We are quickly becoming a pro-suicide culture — indeed to the point now that organizations like the Hemlock Society Compassion and Choices, bioethicists, and the mainstream media promote suicide by self-starvation as the new big thing in making oneself dead. Philip Nitschke is one of the international rock stars of euthanasia advocacy. He is also […]

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Shame on Pro-Assisted Suicide Desmond Tutu!

How would legalizing assisted suicide help the downtrodden, poor, and discriminated against? It wouldn’t, which is one reason why legalizing doctor-prescribed death is mostly a cause of the well off, for whom access to quality health care is not a problem. To be blunt, these folks know what they want for themselves and don’t care […]

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Will Bioethicists Support Hunger Strike Death?

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Last year, I argued against permitting prisoners from harming their health from hunger strikes–by force feeding if necessary.  The issue has been primarily discussed here at HE in the context of Guantanamo, but there was also advocacy for doctors both helping ease inmate’s hunger strike symptoms and/or refusing to participate in forced feeding. For example, here is […]

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Our Pro Suicide Culture: Extolling Joint Suicides

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This is the pro suicide culture we are becoming. A UK married couple committed joint suicide to the support of their son and the coroner. From the Daily Mail story: The son of a couple who died after making a suicide pact kissed them both goodbye and gave them his blessing. Tai Altman said he […]

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New York Times’ Biased “Aid in Dying” Bunkum

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I have long ago given up on the media fairly — or even accurately — reporting on the assisted suicide movement. Most stories exhibit some or all of the following bias methods: Adopt the advocacy lexicon of the assisted suicide/euthanasia movement. Center the narrative around a man who “just wants to die,” rather than an […]

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Suicide Preventers Ignore Suicide Promoters

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I am disgusted with the suicide prevention community. Not because they want to prevent suicide — I’m all for that! But they are either cowards or derelict in their chosen calling. Rather than vocally confront assisted suicide advocates — who undermine the entire suicide prevention cause — most such organizations instead pretend the issue doesn’t […]

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