This Week in Bioethics

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1. Latest on the Sherri Shepherd Surrogacy Saga A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that TV personality and actress Sherri Shepherd cannot get out of the surrogacy contract into which she and her former husband entered. The couple split up during the surrogate’s pregnancy, and so Ms. Shepherd sought to get out of her commitment […]

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A Case for Abolishing all Forms of Surrogacy

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Our friends at #StopSurrogacyNow have picked up and republished an article that tackles head-on the common idea that unpaid or “altruistic” surrogacy may be okay. This is an argument we often hear: it’s really the money that corrupts things, if surrogacy is done without the money or with only reimbursement for actual expenses — not […]

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Cautious Optimism Regarding Surrogacy in India

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As I mentioned in last week’s TWIB—that’s This Week in Bioethics—India has passed a new law on surrogacy. The law seeks to closely regulate the practice of surrogacy by establishing ten parameters that greatly reduce the allowable instances of the practice. Our good friend Kathy Sloan, a feminist leader, an activist, an author, and an […]

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Good News, Bad News

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I’m writing with good news and bad news. First, the good news: we have been surveying audiences who have watched Eggsploitation for several years now. The data show that overwhelmingly, before watching Eggsploitation, people are largely favorable to the practice although unfamiliar with the process of egg donation. But after watching Eggsploitation, people feel better […]

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