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Human Cloning Obfuscation 8: A Blastocyst, Not an Embryo

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Embryology text books will tell you that when fertilization is completed, an embryo is formed. That, is, a new individual organism exists — which remains the same organism until death. For scientific purposes, the developmental stages of the embryo are given different names. When it is one-celled, it is a zygote. When it is about […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 7: No Spin in Science Journals

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The mainstream media — under the influence of spin from “the scientists” — has been playing a game of hide-the-ball about the recent first human cloning success. For example, the LA Times threw a lot of dirt in the air by calling the success merely an “incremental step” toward human cloning. No. It. Was. Human […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 6: German Style

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I just read an article that is a clear call for Germany to get in on the human cloning game. And as so often happens in this issue, it is filled with scientific inaccuracies — whether by intent or ignorance, I don’t know. First, the article in Deutche Welle, claims that the recent human cloning […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 5: Monkey Cloned Pregnancy

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Thanks to Brendan P. Foht, over at The Corner, for showing that it was misleading to claim that SCNT human cloning could not lead to a human pregnancy because there have been no successful cloned monkey pregnancies. But there have been cloned monkey pregnancies, with one embryo developing to the fetal stage with a heartbeat! […]

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The Coming Human Cloning Controversies

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I learned about the first successful human cloning last Monday, but couldn’t write about it until Wednesday because of a news embargo. The peer reviewed paper in Cell was rushed to print because is a huge deal. But, much to my surprise, it only made mild news. There were two reasons for that I think. […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 4

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The Los Angeles Times has waded in to the junk biology game, assuring us that no embryos are threatened in human cloning — WHEN THE WHOLE POINT OF HUMAN CLONING IS TO CREATE AN EMBRYO! From the editorial, “The Specter of Human Cloning:” The team at OHSU, which disclosed its work in a paper published […]

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Human Cloning Obfuscation 3

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I now see that the old dishonest game is well afoot: Biotech types and media pretending that human cloning isn’t really human cloning unless a baby is born. The cloning breakthrough is instead being spun as skin cells into stem cells! As if it were induced pluripotent stem cells, which really do turn skin into […]

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Cloning Obfuscation 2

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The junk biology is flying in the media’s descriptions of the now accomplished human cloning. This next example comes from the Wall Street Journal’s Gautam Naik. From the ridiculously titled, “Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer:” Scientists have used cloning technology to transform human skin cells into embryonic stem cells, an experiment that may […]

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Another Day, Another Adult Stem Cell Success

This is still experimental, but the little girl who had a new windpipe built from her bone marrow cells won’t care. From the AP story: A 2-year-old girl born without a windpipe now has a new one grown from her own stem cells, the youngest patient in the world to benefit from the experimental treatment. […]

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Stem Cell Hypocrisy

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Oh brother. Nature has editorialized against exaggerating adult stem cell potentials for medical cures, which it claims occurred at a Vatican stem cell conference. From “Smoke and Mirrors:” Many scientists around the world were appalled by the events in Rome, and rightly so. It is wrong to exploit the desperation of the disabled and the […]

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Teaching Stem Cell Scientists How to Hype

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Never has so much hype been shoveled than the CURES! CURES! CURES! propaganda that sold embryonic stem cell research to the American public. That hasn’t worked out so well in actual practice, but the white elephant that is the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) — with a renewal election coming up next year — […]

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First Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Trial

At present, there are three small human safety embryonic stem cell studies. All deal with macular degeneration-type conditions. And now, a human trial looks to soon get underway in Japan using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), that is, stem cells made from a patient’s own skin or other tissues. From the Nature News story: Having […]

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Human Hearts Built From Adult Stem Cells

Opponents of unethical stem cell research have always believed that scientists would be able to develop a robust regenerative medical sector without needing to create and/or destroy nascent human lives. And indeed, we have seen the invention of induced pluripotent stem cells — made from normal human tissues — that are already being used in […]

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Ethical Stem Cells as Effective as Embryonic

Recent experiments with mice indicate that induced pluripotent stem cells — that is embryonic-like stem cells made from skin — are as effective as their unethically derived cousins. From the Nature News report: A paper published in Nature today could dispel a cloud over the hopes of turning a patient’s own cells into perfectly matched […]

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Non Embryonic Pluripotent Stem Cell Human Trial Soon?

Advanced Cell Technology claims it will soon apply to the FDA to conduct a human trial using induced pluripotent stem cells, that is, stem cells created from normal skin or other somatic cells. From the Wall Street Journal story: A Massachusetts biotechnology company said it expects as early as Friday to start the process for […]

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Paralyzed Dogs Walk Again

This technique has been already shown great hope in humans, but not nearly so dramatically as what has now happened with dogs in the UK. Adult stem cells taken from dogs’ own noses have restored mobility in animals with long term spinal cord injury. From the Telegraph story: Paralysed dogs have been helped to walk […]

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Cadaver Brain Tissues Used to Make Stem Cells

I reported the other day on Shinya Yamanaka’s well deserved Nobel Prize for inventing induced pluripotent stem cells. Now, scientists have used the process — using cadaver brain cells — that may be of great use in studying neurological and mental illnesses. From the Fox News story: Cells from corpses might play a key role […]

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Objections to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Vetted

Recently, I was tagged on twitter about a blog post entitled “Pro-Life Objections to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.” On a number of occasions, especially when I screen our documentary film Lines That Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate, I am asked the questions this post raises. That’s when I turn to the various experts CBC […]

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