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Adult Stem Cells Into Brain Cells

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Once again, so much for embryonic stem cells being the “only hope.” Scientists have turned bone marrow cells into brain cells. From the U.S.News and World Report story: Scientists have discovered an antibody that can turn stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow directly into brain cells, a potential breakthrough in the treatment of neurological […]

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Stem Cell Hypocrisy

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Oh brother. Nature has editorialized against exaggerating adult stem cell potentials for medical cures, which it claims occurred at a Vatican stem cell conference. From “Smoke and Mirrors:” Many scientists around the world were appalled by the events in Rome, and rightly so. It is wrong to exploit the desperation of the disabled and the […]

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Teaching Stem Cell Scientists How to Hype

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Never has so much hype been shoveled than the CURES! CURES! CURES! propaganda that sold embryonic stem cell research to the American public. That hasn’t worked out so well in actual practice, but the white elephant that is the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) — with a renewal election coming up next year — […]

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Kansas: Midwest Center for Stem Cell Therapy — No Embryonic Allowed

A bill authored by my pal Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook that would establish a stem cell center in Kansas — no embryonic research allowed — has passed the Kansas Senate. From the legislative summary: The bill would state that all funds and facilities of the Center must be dedicated to treatments and research with adult, […]

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Geron Sells Embryonic Stem Cell Business

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I was right. Again. Last month, I predicted that Geron would sell its defunct embryonic stem cell business this year, and the one major ESCR human trial would be on the road to resuming. (Yes, I know there are a few other tiny studies ongoing.) One month later, and it has happened. From the Nature […]

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Introduction and Orientation

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In the wake of last week’s naming of 2012’s winners and losers in the arena of bioethics, we thought it might be helpful to bring our three films to your attention. The films provide an introduction and orientation to crucial issues in bioethics and how the CBC addresses them. These films have been shown around […]

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Adult Stem Cell Clinic Moves to Mexico

I am a huge supporter of adult stem cell research. But it needs to be done in the right way. Moreover, research subjects should never be charged for their own experiments as part of a for profit business — which, unfortunately, Texas permits legally — but that is not binding on the FDA. Now, an […]

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Human Hearts Built From Adult Stem Cells

Opponents of unethical stem cell research have always believed that scientists would be able to develop a robust regenerative medical sector without needing to create and/or destroy nascent human lives. And indeed, we have seen the invention of induced pluripotent stem cells — made from normal human tissues — that are already being used in […]

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Ethical Stem Cells as Effective as Embryonic

Recent experiments with mice indicate that induced pluripotent stem cells — that is embryonic-like stem cells made from skin — are as effective as their unethically derived cousins. From the Nature News report: A paper published in Nature today could dispel a cloud over the hopes of turning a patient’s own cells into perfectly matched […]

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Non Embryonic Pluripotent Stem Cell Human Trial Soon?

Advanced Cell Technology claims it will soon apply to the FDA to conduct a human trial using induced pluripotent stem cells, that is, stem cells created from normal skin or other somatic cells. From the Wall Street Journal story: A Massachusetts biotechnology company said it expects as early as Friday to start the process for […]

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Paralyzed Dogs Walk Again

This technique has been already shown great hope in humans, but not nearly so dramatically as what has now happened with dogs in the UK. Adult stem cells taken from dogs’ own noses have restored mobility in animals with long term spinal cord injury. From the Telegraph story: Paralysed dogs have been helped to walk […]

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Cadaver Brain Tissues Used to Make Stem Cells

I reported the other day on Shinya Yamanaka’s well deserved Nobel Prize for inventing induced pluripotent stem cells. Now, scientists have used the process — using cadaver brain cells — that may be of great use in studying neurological and mental illnesses. From the Fox News story: Cells from corpses might play a key role […]

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Objections to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Vetted

Recently, I was tagged on twitter about a blog post entitled “Pro-Life Objections to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.” On a number of occasions, especially when I screen our documentary film Lines That Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate, I am asked the questions this post raises. That’s when I turn to the various experts CBC […]

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Hyping Embryonic Stem Cells Like It’s 2004

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I thought we were finally finished with all the hype over embryonic stem cell research. During the first decade of the 21st century, that was pretty much all we got in the media, mostly wild hype about pending CURES! CURES! CURES! Adult stem cell successes—already forging ahead at breakneck speed—were mostly ignored, even though the […]

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Stem Cells from Skin Cells Wins Nobel Prize

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This is so deserved! When Shinya Yamanaka visited an embryonic stem cell researcher and looked at embryos under a microscope, he thought of his daughters. That insight changed science history. Yamanaka decided to see if he could create pluripotent stem cells — which can be differentiated into any type of body cell — without destroying […]

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Could Stem Cell Research Allow A Man to Become a Mother?

Scientists have been working in mouse models to transform body cells into induced pluripotent stem cells, and from there into sperm and eggs. Researchers in Kyoto, Japan have been able to use these cells in fertilization, resulting in some healthy and fertile offspring being born. From the Wall Street Journal story: Japanese scientists have made […]

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NYT Front Page Adult Stem Cell Story

I couldn’t believe my eyes: But there it was, right on the front page of the New York Times: “A First: Organs Tailor-Made With Body’s Own Cells.” The story goes into great detail describing an Iceland research success in which a dying man’s trachea was fabricated using plastic and the patient’s own cells, still functional […]

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Ethics? What Ethics? Results!

By Matthew Eppinette, CBC’s New Media Manager Think Progress carries an interesting article on stem cell research and the 2012 election. In the end, “Why Stem Cells Are 2012′s Sleeper Issue” asserts that “the science [of stem cells] is far too unsettled to make clear determinations about which research [embryonic or non-embryonic] is most likely […]

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