Robots Will Never Be Conscious

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A few years ago, I disagreed with Peter Singer’s assertion that a robot could be a person, complete with attendant rights — an argument with which he then took exception. Now, a Stanford publication illustrates one reason why robots will never attain true consciousness, per philosopher John Searle. From, “Can Joe Six-Pack Compete with Sid […]

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Singularity Documentary

Anyone interested in where science, medicine, biotechnology, and information technology are headed should be interested in the concept of the singularity. Helpfully, a documentary has just been released that topic. In an interview with The Atlantic, the filmmaker reveals a bit of his journey to understanding the singularity and making the film. as I interviewed […]

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The “Rapture” and the “Singularity” Have Much in Common

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Many jokes are being cracked about the prediction of doomsday Saturday, in which the “Rapture” is supposedly coming, heralding the end of days. From the CNN story: By now, you’ve probably heard of the religious group that’s predicting the end of the world starts this […]

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