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Top Ten Posts (#1) #TBT

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We’ve arrived at the top of the list on our #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) countdown of the top ten all time most popular posts here at The number one entry is Jennifer Lahl’s review of the film My Sister’s Keeper, titled “My Sister’s Savior,” published in July 2009. As she mentions in the review, […]

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“Savior Siblings” Start Us Down Harrowing Ethical Path

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC A baby was born in France because his parents wanted to use his umbilical cord stem cells to treat the genetic disease of their existing children. From the story: France‚Äôs first so-called “saviour sibling” was born in a hospital in the Parisian suburb of Clamart […]

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They Can’t Handle the Truth

Crazy Brave New Britain just keeps pushing the envelope. There is this news which permits the use of hybrid animal-human embryos for stem cell research, overhauling their existing science laws and policies. And clarifying that YES, embryos can be screened to produce babies to provide a “suitable” bone marrow OR “other material” for transplant into […]

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Crazy Brave New Britain

Monday, as was expected, the United Kingdom approved the creation of human-animal hybrids for research. British officials have bought it hook line and sinker . . . they want to maintain their reputation as leaders in stem cell research. And since a strong contingent of organized groups have been successful at slowing down the human […]

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Couples win the right to use IVF to create ‘spare part babies’

The term “savior sibling” is a recent by-product of the reproductive revolution meets the human genome project. With technology and genetic testing, we can create embryos in the lab, test them, and see which embryo is the genetic match for our sick child. The Daily Mail in the UK has this piece stating: “Parents of […]

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