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3-Parent Children as Human Experiments

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If the “we never say no” Human Embryo Authority in the UK approves the creation of 3-parent embryos, it would be permitting blatant human experimentation on children. Indeed, I don’t see any other way to look at it. Note the quote below. From the Associated Press story: Britain’s fertility regulator says controversial techniques to create […]

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Who Cares About IVF Dangers?

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The British Medical Journal has published a cautionary article warning of the potential dangers of IVF. From “Are We Overusing IVF?” Extended use of IVF also increases the risk of harm. Multiple pregnancies are associated with maternal and perinatal complications such as gestational diabetes, fetal growth restriction, and pre-eclampsia as well as premature birth. And […]

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Her: A Cautionary Tale

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Spike Jonze’s film Her, currently out in theaters and an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, is a cautionary tale of the future that awaits us if we continue to hail technology as our savior. Set in the not too distant Los Angeles, Tom Twombly (masterfully portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) is reeling from a failed […]

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Today is #GivingTuesday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been all over the news these past few days, and many retailers do indeed count on Christmas shopping to make their year. Since end-of-year contributions are so vital to nonprofit organizations, the idea of a Giving Tuesday helps bring that to mind in the midst of all the shopping. […]

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Bodies Double as Cash Machines

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In an October 15th article, Bloomberg news reports that “Bodies Double as Cash Machines With U.S. Income Lagging.” Among the many ways Americans are looking to make money during the financial downturn are selling their hair, breast milk, and, unsurprisingly, human eggs. The article profiles a popular fertility clinic in the D.C. Metro area where […]

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The Fertility Industry Superhighway

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Miriam Zoll, author of the recent book Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High-Tech Babies, has a terrific piece out in today’s New York Times on “Selling the Fantasy of Fertility” to those struggling with infertility. She’s co-written the piece with Pamela Tsigdinos, and their voices are important as they write from their […]

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The “Chaos” Sired by Sperm Donation

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A biological father named William Marotta is resisting being held responsible for his child conceived privately — by answering a Craig’s List ad, as opposed to using a medical clinic — by artificial insemination. From the Topeka Capital Journal story: Representatives for Marotta and the Kansas Department for Children and Families recently filed motions in […]

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It Depends On What Your Definition Of Safe Is

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The world’s first baby has been born from “natural” IVF, and the story is making the news a lot these days. Not news to us at the CBC, is the fact that IVF carries risks and those risks can be significant both to the mother undergoing IVF and to the child born via IVF technologies. […]

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Fertility Consultant Thumbs Nose at Law

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It seems that fertility brokers — and clinics and the reproductive lawyers — are getting more aggressive these days. My hunch is that marriage debates are emboldening them to seek more liberal IVF laws in order to assist singles and same-sex couples in family building. Canada, which has laws I quite like (Canada prohibits the […]

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Egg Selling Bad for Women

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AB 926 in California would permit Big Biotech to buy eggs from poor women to conduct human cloning and other experiments — potentially increasing the frequency of a practice commonly used in IVF that generally targets beautiful and brilliant college women. (New York already permits egg buying by biotech, resulting in the manufacture of the […]

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