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Baby Markets: Financial Market Expert Weighs In

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I recently interviewed David Bahnsen, a highly regarded, California-based investment manager and expert in financial markets about his views on markets and children. Jennifer Lahl: I live in the back yard of the Silicon Valley, where, stealing from my colleague Dr. Bill Hurlbut at Stanford, we like to say, “We have a front seat on the […]

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This Week in Bioethics

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1.  Can You Imagine That Anonymous Sperm and Egg “Donation” are a Problem? CBS’s Sunday Morning program this week ran an item on “The Flourishing Business of Building Family Trees,” highlighting widespread interest in genealogy and the businesses that are helping people in their searches. The report is bookended by the moving story of 55 […]

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Reminder: 30% Off Trilogy DVDs, Free Anonymous Father’s Day on YouTube

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Just a quick reminder that for the month of June we have two very special offers going: First, to celebrate the grand opening of our new Facebook shop, we are offering a sale on our Third Party Reproduction DVD Trilogy: Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, Anonymous Father’s Day, and Eggsploitation. The trilogy is regularly $49.99, but […]

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A Celebration of Devastation

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The Hollywood Reporter has a story out with the provocative (clickbait?) title, “23 HOLLYWOOD MOMS WITH SAME SPERM DONOR AND ONE CRAZY VACATION.” I call it clickbait because that’s not what the article is about at all. Instead, the article is a celebration of all the uses to which reproductive technologies can be put, and […]

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What Risks Should We Accept in Disease Prevention?

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I read with much interest Marcy Darnvosky’s article in Nature, “A Slippery Slope to Human Germline Modification.” The article focuses on the ethics of the technology used to create “three-parent embryos.” This new technique has been given the green light for trial by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in the U.K. and will […]

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Should Women Delay Motherhood?

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“Should Women Delay Motherhood” is the topic of conversation for a New York Times “Room For Debate” symposium. A range of perspectives are offered, from the young Ivy League graduate who became pregnant at age twenty-three and has no regrets to an academic who argues that early motherhood serves as a disservice to women’s academic […]

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Altruistic Surrogacy Ban for Gays, Singles Wrongly Discriminates

When IVF began, we were told it was only to permit infertile married couples have children. It has since expanded geometrically to become an industry that also includes eugenic options, commercialization of gametes and uteruses, and facilitation of what were once called alternative lifestyles. It has resulted in treating nascent life as a natural resource […]

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Protect Your Fertility

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President I recently wrote about women who wait later into life to conceive and find they struggle with what they call “infertility.” In fact, there is no infertility as a result of aging; rather it is the biological reality of menopause. Menopause is a natural and normal event that occurs in […]

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Surrogacy Should Not Be Commercial

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I don’t believe in surrogacy. But if it is to be allowed, commercial should be made against public policy just as we now do non vital, living organ donation. Alas, there is an ill-advised bill in the New Jersey Legislature to legalize commercial surrogacy. From […]

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Money Changes Everything

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President When the news broke that Mitt and Ann Romney welcomed grandchildren numbers 17 and 18 this past Friday via “gestational surrogacy,” those of us here at CBC central—who oppose commercialized conception—wondered where the bottom is in these murky waters of assisted reproduction. Tagg Romney posted this on his facebook page […]

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Biological Colonialism: Dutch Controversy Over Anything Goes IVF

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC IVF was promised as a generally minor matter that would be available for married couples, otherwise unable, to have biological children. Of course, that relatively conservative agenda held for about two seconds. It is now a huge industry, with unmarried people using it to get […]

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Jennifer Lahl on the Dr. Oz Show

As you probably know by now, CBC President Jennifer Lahl was on the Dr. Oz show that aired on January 27. The show has posted the segments of the show individually. Here are links to all of the segments. When are you too old to have a baby? Part 1 When are you too old […]

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Scientists Grow Sperm in Lab

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC The headline seemed controversial, but I don’t think it is. Scientists have removed male germ cells from the testes of mice and transformed them into sperm, from whence they come in the normal functioning male body. From the Telegraph story: Researchers in Germany and Israel […]

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Reproductive Anarchy Produces Anarchy in Reproduction

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC My wife ran a column today referencing a local (San Francisco area) story in which a volunteer sperm donor has biologically contributed to the conception of (soon) 18 children in the area via low tech artificial insemination. The result? The FDA wants to regulate private […]

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A Visit to the Land of Dr. Oz

The last two weeks have been full of the unexpected. Like you, I had a full schedule planned for last week—ending with an early family Christmas gathering in my home for over 20 guests this past Saturday. About two weeks ago I got a call from The Dr. Oz Show producer, asking if I would […]

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Break the Spiral of Silence

By Matthew Eppinette, CBC New Media Manager Chuck Colson today weighs in on Jennifer’s recent experience of being verbally mauled by a fertility specialist at a Canadian fertility conference. Sadly, Lahl’s experience is much more common than you would expect . . . The directness of this attack and its unvarnished prejudice is intended to […]

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Egg Harvesting Raises Risk of Ovarian Tumors

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC IVF has been painted as a virtually risk free enterprise. But we haven’t much studied the long term impact on children — who appear to have higher rates of certain health issues than those conceived through the natural process — or on women who have […]

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Father Can’t Stop Embryos From Being Implanted

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC It amazes me how an embryo is or isn’t an existing human life — depending on what the question is. In Argentina, a man fathered embryos via IVF, and then divorced. His ex wants to be implanted with the embryos, but he says that would […]

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