Quebec Euthanasia to Destroy Religious Freedom

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There are two primary areas of contention in the euthanasia debate. The first is whether to legalize medicalized killing. The second question arises if the answer to the first is yes: Should doctors and other health care professionals with religious or conscious objections be forced to participate in medicalized killing — either by having to […]

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Bioethics the Spearpoint of Attack on Religious Liberties

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I have noticed that my writing seems to flow in patterns. Much of that is caused by the flow of news, but I think some of it has to do with certain stories getting my attention, after which I connect dots and become acutely conscious of certain ebbs and flows of advocacy. Needless to say, […]

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Anti-Christian “Secularist” Futile Care Attack Parental Medical Decision Making Rights

The issue of when to cease life-supporting medical treatment — and whether it should be done over the objections of patients/families (Futile Care Theory) — are among the most important bioethical issues we face today. But surely, such questions should be approached as a general matter — not focused against a subset of patients. But […]

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Norway Official Attacks Religious Circumcision

We’ve previously discussed a German judge forbidding the circumcision of minors. Now, a Norwegian non Jew/Muslim is telling those major world religions how to practice their faith. From the Haaretz story: Norway’s ombudsman for children’s rights has proposed that Jews and Muslims replace male circumcision with a symbolic, nonsurgical ritual. Dr. Anne Lindboe told the […]

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German Judge Outlaws Circumcision

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Religious freedom is supposed to be a touchstone of liberty. But many secularists so disdain faith that they refuse to abide by the principle — or more commonly, attempt to shrink its parameters to a very limited “freedom of worship.” Now, in the aftermath of […]

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Peter Singer Attacks Religious Liberty

Peter Singer, the crass infanticide and “speciesism” promoter is an atheist. Bully for him, and who cares? But his antipathy toward faith may explain his hostility to, and utter confusion about, religious liberty. Singer has written that Obamacare’s “Free Birth Control Rule” doesn’t violate religious liberty because Catholic hospitals and universities can simply turn over […]

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