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Robots Will Never Be Conscious

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A few years ago, I disagreed with Peter Singer’s assertion that a robot could be a person, complete with attendant rights — an argument with which he then took exception. Now, a Stanford publication illustrates one reason why robots will never attain true consciousness, per philosopher John Searle. From, “Can Joe Six-Pack Compete with Sid […]

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Peter Singer’s Raging Inconsistency

I just posted about Princeton’s notorious bioethics professor, Peter Singer, embracing Aubrey de Gray’s anti-aging crusade. As I read his piece, I was struck by Singer’s raging inconsistency about the moral unimportance of people not yet conceived. But it didn’t fit in that post, so I write about it here. Singer essentially claims that those […]

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Peter Singer’s Views Deserve Scorn, Not Awards

It is a disturbing sign of the times that Princeton’s notorious bioethicist Peter Singer has been awarded Australia’s highest civic award “for eminent service to philosophy and bioethics as a leader of public debate and communicator of ideas in the areas of global poverty, animal welfare and the human condition.” This is a disgrace. Would […]

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Peter Singer Awarded Australia’s Highest Accolade

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Good grief. Peter Singer is one of the most subversive, pro culture of death advocates in the world, and he has been granted Australia’s highest civic award. After my head stopped exploding, I took to The Corner: From “Australia Awards Infanticide Guru Highest Civic Award:” […]

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