ovarian hypertimulation

Embryo Adoption in the News

‘Embryo adoption’ service seeks to give infertile couples a chance to have a family from PhysOrg.com The day the frozen embryo arrived via FedEx was the day Maria Lancaster began experiencing firsthand what she had always believed: that human life begins at conception. […] Note to my readers: I still don’t want to wholeheartedly endorse […]

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Fading Follicles – the essence of ovarian ageing

This year I had made up my mind NOT to miss this conference. I could have kicked myself for not making the trip in 2007. But I am so glad that I did attend this year. I learned a lot, had much confirmed in my mind and came back with a brand new stack of […]

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The Truth Behind Lupron

Lupron, one of the drugs commonly used in the practice of ovarian stimulation procedures, is one of the baddies which the FDA should investigate. Actually, I have called upon people in higher powers to ask the FDA to investigate the 1000s of 1000s of Lupron related complaints and Lupron related deaths they already have sitting […]

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