Organ Transplantation

Iran’s Out of Control Kidney Bazaar

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Iran is the only country in the world that legally permits the purchase of human organs. (Yes, I know it happens elsewhere.) I don’t see Iran as a country to emulate, but some have argued that it is leading the way toward a compassionate change in policy, which I opined about here. Now, unsurprisingly, news […]

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Allow Human Organs Grown in Animals?

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A story in the Telegraph claims that Japanese scientists may soon grow human organs in animals — made from human stem cells — for later use in transplant surgery. I am dubious. From the story: A panel of scientists and legal experts appointed by the government has drawn up a recommendation that will form the […]

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Lawsuit Contends Pressure to Declare Brain Dead

This better not be true: A lawsuit filed in Manhattan accuses an organ collecting organization of pressuring doctors to declare dead and harvest. From the New York Post story: The New York Organ Donor Network pressured hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead so their body parts could be harvested — and even hired “coaches” […]

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Should the Autistic Be Denied Organ Transplants?

This is very disturbing. An autistic man has been denied a heart transplant, apparently because of his mental disability. From the AP story: In a letter, dated June 13, 2011, Dr. Susan Brozena wrote: “I have recommended against transplant given his psychiatric issues, autism, the complexity of the process, multiple procedures and the unknown and […]

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“The Killing-for-Organs Pushers”

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I have a piece in the Daily Caller describing another in a long series of articles in professional journals arguing that it should be acceptable to kill for organs. From “The Killing-for-Organs Pushers:” If you want to see where our culture may next go off […]

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Yes to Organ Transplants for Developmentally Disabled

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC About a week ago, I was contacted privately about a situation that has since hit cyberspace very hard. A developmentally disabled girl, I was told, was being denied an organ transplant solely because of her disability. I made some private suggestions about what the parents […]

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