Pushing Experimentation Without Consent

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The New England Journal of Medicine–ever more radically utilitarian, in my view–has an article by prominent bioethicists urging that some less dangerous (comparative effectiveness research) medical experimentation be conducted on patients without our consent. The call arises in the context of Obamacare and medical technocrats seeking to transform our hospitals, clinics, and medical offices into ”learning health care systems,” in […]

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Here Comes the “Death Test!”

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Scientists think they may have devised a test that will tell us the chances we will die in five years–even if healthy. From the Telegraph story: A ‘Death Test’ which predicts the chance of a healthy person dying from any medical condition in the next five years has been developed by scientists. Researchers said they […]

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Will Obamacare Boost Assisted Suicide?

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I rarely agree with assisted suicide proponents. But an article in Salon may be onto something — that the passage of the Affordable Care Act could boost assisted suicide legalization. From the article: Currently only three states have Death With Dignity laws — a surprisingly low number given that there isn’t a one among the […]

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Eugenics as Preventative Health?

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Discover magazine has the latest in a long series of science writers claiming that the growing ease of genetic tests will open the way for a new eugenics. But not to worry, the new version of the old evil won’t be forced by the state. No, no: It will be a choice eugenics. From, “The […]

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