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What “Human Exceptionalism” Means

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Kathryn Jean Lopez interviewed me about my new ebook, The War on Humans. Those interested can read it for themselves. But I want to quote one small section because I am so often asked about what I mean by the term human exceptionalism. From “Losing Human Dignity:” LOPEZ: How do you define “human exceptionalism”? SMITH: […]

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Exposing Baloney of Stem Cell Sophists

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Ever since the great embryonic stem cell debate commenced at the end of the Clintion years, I have witnesses so many “scientists” and media cheer leaders claim that an early embryo is no different than the cells that are destroyed when you brush your teeth, e.g., just a cell, not a human organism at all. What […]

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Artificial Intelligent Computers Would be Tools, Not Moral Beings

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Reading the Week in Review section of the NYT today, I came upon an interesting column about a new computer — dubbed Watson — that its developers hope will rise to the level of AI, defined in the side bar copied above. Watson will soon […]

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Humans Anonymous

By C. Ben Mitchell, PhD, CBC Board Member and Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy at Union University in Jackson, TN Hello. My name is Ben and I’m a speciesist, a member of Humans Anonymous. I confess that I’m addicted to the human species, and that I am uncontrollably addicted to being human myself. Furthermore, I […]

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Kass Lauds Human Dignity While Accepting CBC Ramsey Award

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Leon Kass is one of the great thinkers in bioethics (and a friend), a man of great eloquence whose rare depth of thought and knowledge sometimes makes my jaw drop. In honor of his many years of contribution to bioethical discourse and his many services […]

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Human Exceptionalism Versus Human Undignity

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC To The Source asked me to expand my critique of the article in Bioethics urging that the field drop its (very tenuous) embrace of human dignity. I was happy to do so, never wanting to miss an opportunity to defend human exceptionalism. Here is the […]

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“Everybody Matters, No Matter What”

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I was asked by First Things to write an “On the Square” essay about the awful comments by the novelist Martin Amis, who yearned for “euthanasia boxes” to be placed on every corner to do away with the “stinking” elderly. I did. From my piece, […]

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Why I’m Boycotting the Bejing Olympics

Well first I must be entirely candid. Sports just aren’t my thing, so my boycotting the summer Olympics is low cost to me personally! Second, Bejing? Come’on. This IS THE HUMAN FUTURE blog on the inviolability of all human life. Here’s a litany of human rights abuses in the London Telegraph today. Things like imprisonment […]

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Are You In or Are You Out?

From our new CBC student intern, Scott Auslund: As a 21st century society, we are being forced to grapple with the ethical questions surrounding some of the leading scientific discoveries in human history, particularly in the area of genetic research. The current wave in favor of human embryonic stem cell research, and the technological advances […]

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