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More Than 100 Washington Assisted Suicides

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Assisted suicide is on the rise in Washington.  From the Seattle Times story: More than 100 people died in Washington last year after requesting and taking a lethal prescription through Washington’s Death with Dignity law, the state’s Department of Health reported Wednesday. Officials said that 173 people requested and received lethal doses of medication in 2013, […]

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Thank God Hippocrates Was Pagan

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To suggest that one cannot or should not defend the sanctity of human life in the public square by using publicly accessible secular language is to remove a necessary tool for making the case for valuing and protecting all human life. While religious arguments are good and necessary even in the public square, secular arguments […]

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Burying Hippocrates: Doctors Refuse to Treat Obese Women

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I wish I could say I was surprised. After decades of assertions that judgmentalism has no place in medicine, we have recently seen advocacy for a return of such judgmentalism aimed at a different cadre of patients — specifically, the obese and smokers — based […]

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Contemporary Medical Oaths Exert Little Professional Pull on New Doctors

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Several years ago, I wrote about the woeful decline in the taking of the Hippocratic Oath, and the pabulum replacements that really did not require new doctors to pledge anything very meaningful at all. From my 2006 piece, “Harm Done,” in NRO: Unfortunately, we live […]

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10 year anniversary in Oregon is not so happy

This month marks the ten year anniversary of Oregonians passing their physician aid in dying law. The Pew Forum has a report out that confirms this is still quite controversial. Hallelujah! The day doctors assisting in death becomes mainstream is the day I want my lethal prescription! This survey, from 2005 shows split views. Some […]

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Dead Enough?

Wesley J. Smith has written a key piece for our website over here. The comments we are receiving already are quite reactive. One writer suggested the physician mentioned should be charged with murder. What do you think? ShareTweetPinShare

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Primum non nocere

Amnesty International wants doctors and nurses out of the lethal injection business for death row inmates. Why you may ask? Because it violates their oath. First, Do No Harm. I am of course a big fan of the Hippocratic Oath which interestingly doesn’t include the famous motto “Do No Harm”. And I am happy to […]

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