Counting Our Blessings

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Dear friends, Every autumn as the holidays start to approach, I become acutely aware of all of the wonderful people in my life. Gratitude seems to permeate throughout the air at this time of year, and I want you to know just how incredibly grateful the CBC is for you and your support. I hope […]

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My Predictions in Bioethics Right Again!

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Can you believe a year has come and gone since I last told you what would happen, before it happened, in bioethics? Maybe it’s my increasing age, but time is passing too fast! So, how did I do? Not as well as in years past, but still an A-. Let’s take a look: The Affordable […]

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Time to Prevent Elderly From Living Too Long?

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Bioethicist Founding Father Daniel Callahan has long supported death panel health care rationing based on age. He has now weighed in against spending a lot on research to delay the aging process. The transhumanists aren’t going to like this! From, “On Dying After Your Time:” Even if anti-aging research could give us radically longer lives […]

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Sometimes It’s Right to Delay Treatment Refusal

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I believe in the right to refuse medical treatment. But sometimes, it should be done in slow motion. An Indiana man became paralyzed and decided to go off life support only one day post injury. From the Daily Mail story: A newlywed and father-to-be who became paralyzed from the waist down after falling from a […]

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Poor People Only Need One Kidney

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The drive to turn living human bodies of the poor and destitute into natural resources for the well off continues. Now, the oh-so-liberal Canadian Broadcasting Corporation boosts organ buying, based on advocacy from the heart of the medical intelligentsia. From the story: Paying living kidney donors $10,000 could boost donations and cost effectively improve quality […]

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No Human Being is a “Vegetable”

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The imbroglio over the Washington Redskins induced me to revisit an issue of fairness and equality over at First Things. In an age in which a football team’s name can cause profound offense, most people still castigate the weakest among us as mere plant matter. The time has come to clean up our acts. From, […]

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Less Brain Deaths Tempt Organ Ethics Meltdown

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I blame my pal Ralph Nader and the law of unintended consequences: Improved safety — such as seat belt and helmet laws — resulted in far fewer catastrophic brain injuries. Great news! But that has meant fewer people experience “brain death.” And that has led to a consequential reduction in organ donors. Reduced supply and […]

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More Media Support For Death Panels

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The mainstream media often promotes death panel rationing — even as it denies the threat is real. Slate has published a piece by a Canadian student studying law at Yale. He extols Canadian death panels in the context of the Hassan Rasouli case, about which I have written on more than one occasion. From, “Canada […]

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Saving Lost Hospital Patient "Not My Job"

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There is a terrible story hitting the headlines where I live. San Francisco General Hospital “lost” a patient a few weeks ago. Nobody knew where she was. She was later found dead in an outside stairwell where she apparently collapsed. Think about that. A disoriented hospital patient goes missing — and nobody checked the stairwell! […]

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Will Obamacare Boost Assisted Suicide?

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I rarely agree with assisted suicide proponents. But an article in Salon may be onto something — that the passage of the Affordable Care Act could boost assisted suicide legalization. From the article: Currently only three states have Death With Dignity laws — a surprisingly low number given that there isn’t a one among the […]

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UK Attitude Toward Elderly “Uncivilized”

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The UK Health Minister is urging that neighborhood watch groups care for the local elderly. From the Telegraph story: Norman Lamb warned that Britain’s attitude to the elderly was “uncivilised” and said the public must acknowledge that pensioners living nearby need their help. He wants neighbourhood watch groups to apply for “care status” and suggested […]

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The Causes of NHS Death Squad Medicine

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The NHS is melting down. As I have written about before, the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) — intended to prevent patients from dying in agony — became instead a door to imposed back door euthanasia. So much easier to put patients into a coma and dehydrate them than provide individualized care. NHS hospitals have so […]

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NHS “Quality of Life” Kills Disabled Patients

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I keep saying that if you want to see what the USA will look like in ten years under Obamacare, just look at the mess that calls itself the National Health Service in the UK. It isn’t that the NHS is socialized medicine per se — although that is part of it. More importantly in […]

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“Euthanasia Lite” in the UK

Centralized health care destroys professionalism in medicine. It takes well-meaning approaches to difficult cases, and turns it into a connect-the-dots enterprise that treats patients as members of categories rather than individuals. As I have written frequently here and elsewhere, the Liverpool Care Pathway — which was designed to humanize end-of-life care in NHS hospitals and […]

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Eugenics as Preventative Health?

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Discover magazine has the latest in a long series of science writers claiming that the growing ease of genetic tests will open the way for a new eugenics. But not to worry, the new version of the old evil won’t be forced by the state. No, no: It will be a choice eugenics. From, “The […]

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Liverpool Care Pathway Troubles Not “Scare Mongering”

The Liverpool Care Pathway was created to ensure that dying patients are treated properly in NHS hospitals. But it got caught up in centralized care dysfunction, with bureaucrats setting targets and suggestions for payment incentives, etc.. That led to some patients being subjected to check list medicine, in which they are dealt with as category […]

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DOJ: Government Can Force Doctors to Violate Religion

A doctor can be forced to violate her religious beliefs in the operation of her practice, according to the Obama Dept. of Justice. Attention must be paid. This is a step beyond the radical DOJ argument made previously in the Free Birth Control Rule cases, e.g., that business owners do not have freedom of religion […]

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Death Panel Advocacy on This Week

Liberals screamed when Sarah Palin warned about “death panels” during the run up to the passage of Obamacare. But many really want health care rationing based on invidious methods of medical discrimination — as I have repeatedly reported here. I was just watching This Week and Steve Rattner — former adviser to Obama Treasury Dept. […]

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