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Don’t Force Doctors Into Gun Control Decisions

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We are told constantly that we have to control medical costs. Then, we expand what is considered “health care.” Latest example: Force doctors into decisions about gun permits. From a column in The Atlantic: The American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians and U.S. Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy are calling gun violence a public health […]

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Melinda Gates Right About Abortion

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Melinda Gates, who with her husband gives millions to pay for women’s health care, says that the Gates Foundation will not fund abortion internationally because it isn’t “health care.”  From the World story: Abortion should not be confused with women’s healthcare, philanthropist Melinda Gates wrote on June 2 in a blog post applauded by pro-lifers […]

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Turning UK Patients into Human Guinea Pigs

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Well, this is alarming. A proposed bill in the UK would permit doctors to experiment on their patients. From the “Medical Innovation Bill:” (2) It is not negligent for a doctor to depart from the existing range of accepted medical treatments for a condition, in the circumstances set out in subsection 3), if the decision […]

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Switzerland’s War on the Elderly

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The UK media has reported the case of a third healthy elderly woman in the last several weeks having flown to Switzerland to be made dead. From the Express story: ANOTHER British woman has been helped to die at a Swiss suicide clinic because she had grown tired of life, the Sunday Express can reveal. The 99-year-old Londoner, […]

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Belgian Docs Give Selves OK to Kill ICU Patients

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The Journal of Critical Care Medicine has published a statement by the Belgian Society of Critical Care Medicine giving ICU docs the right to kill patients–even though euthanasia in the country is supposed to only be consensual. Under the document, futile care impositions of withdrawing or withholding care are up to the medical team–whatever a patient […]

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You Can’t Have Resuscitation!

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Over in the UK, doctors tried to withhold resuscitation from a terminal cancer patient without discussing the matter with her or close family members. From the Daily News column by the victim, Sally Farmiloe: The instruction on my medical notes was unequivocal: if I fell unconscious, if my heart stopped beating, I should not be resuscitated. There […]

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Will Obamacare Boost Assisted Suicide?

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I rarely agree with assisted suicide proponents. But an article in Salon may be onto something — that the passage of the Affordable Care Act could boost assisted suicide legalization. From the article: Currently only three states have Death With Dignity laws — a surprisingly low number given that there isn’t a one among the […]

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“Euthanasia Lite” in the UK

Centralized health care destroys professionalism in medicine. It takes well-meaning approaches to difficult cases, and turns it into a connect-the-dots enterprise that treats patients as members of categories rather than individuals. As I have written frequently here and elsewhere, the Liverpool Care Pathway — which was designed to humanize end-of-life care in NHS hospitals and […]

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Health as an Excuse to End Privacy

For the emerging technocracy, saving money on health care and promoting “wellness” have become the ready excuses for government intrusions into the personal sphere. The UK’s NHS is leading the way on several fronts — rationing, using health care to promote certain social justice ends, and now, to gather mass information on citizens. From the […]

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Using Computer Models to Ration Health Care?

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC We discussed the new computer model that supposedly can predict how much longer one has to live in the context of whether a patient should be told they have less than ten years. But the NYT’s take on the same story raises another issue we […]

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