France: Socialists Heart Euthanasia

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Opposing assisted suicide/euthanasia should be a top liberal agenda item. (For example, see Robert P. Jones, Nat Hentoff, Dr. Rex Green, and most disability rights activists — such as Diane Coleman.) Indeed, that was certainly the cut of my jib when I first got involved in the issue. But the harder the leftwingism of the […]

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Folly of French Ethics Council Euthanasia OK

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Something called the French Medical Ethics Council has recommended allowing euthanasia in “extraordinary” cases. What folly. France borders on Belgium and Switzerland — and is in easy driving distance from the Netherlands — all of which demonstrate that the culture of death, once unleashed, cannot permanently be controlled. From the AFP story: France’s medical ethics […]

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France to Retain Strict Limits on ESCR

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC France is poised to maintain its very strict limitations on ESCR. From the Reuters story: France looked set on Thursday to maintain its curbs on human embryonic stem cell research after the conservative government fought off a parliamentary bid to liberalize the country’s bioethics law. […]

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