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The Human Body and the Death of Normalcy?

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Regan Brashear has done us all a favor by directing and producing the documentary film Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement. Fixed, a New Day Digital film, was released in 2013, and I’m happy to have heard about it and to have been given a chance to watch it. I confess, on watching the trailer, […]

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CBC on the Road: BEINGS15 Summit

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Earlier this week members of the CBC team attended the BEINGS15: Biotech and the Ethical Imagination summit in Atlanta, GA. The stated goal of the conference was to “gather together a distinguished faculty of thought leaders and 200 delegates from 30 countries, drawn from visionary thinkers in the sciences, engineering, policymaking and government, industry, law, […]

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Top Ten Posts (#4) #TBT

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We’re using #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to count down the top ten all time most popular posts here at CBC-Network.org. This week’s entry, #4, is Wesley Smith’s examination of the core beliefs and goals of transhumanism. From “The Trouble with Transhumanism” For those who may not know, transhumanism is a Utopian social movement and philosophy […]

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Christmas List in Three Words

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Have you seen the #XmasListIn3Words meme going around around on social media? Here are a few three-word Christmas wishes we have: Stop Think Again Comfort Not Kill Stop Surrogacy Now No Human Cloning Truly Human Future ShareTweetPinShare

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Transhumanism’s Eugenic Authoritarianism

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Transhumanism is selfish, all about me-me, I-I. Its goal is immortality for those currently alive, and the right to radically remake themselves and their progeny in their own image. Zoltan Istvan, an up-and-comer transhumanist, is very good at promoting himself and his ideas. (I met him at a transhumanist and religion conference, about which I […]

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Lying Their Way to Brave New World

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Apparently the UK government wants to push 3-parent IVF. But fearing an adverse public reaction to genetically modifying progeny, it’s trying to hide what it’s are doing. But some scientists have called foul. From the Independent story: The move, buried within a Department of Health document published last week, is designed to take the sting […]

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If We Do Nothing, They Will Clone

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Human cloning is here. After years of effort, scientists manufactured human life using the same process that created Dolly the sheep. There is no way around it: The age of human cloning is here—unless we act now to prevent it. Why outlaw human cloning? As the United Nations General Assembly decided in a nearly 3-1 […]

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What to Watch

When Jennifer and I went to UC Irvine a few weeks ago to show Breeders, I casually referenced the film Gattaca during the Q&A that followed the screening. Even as I was saying it, I wondered how many people in the room had seen the film, now 17 years old. I don’t remember Gattaca being […]

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Robots Will Never Be Conscious

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A few years ago, I disagreed with Peter Singer’s assertion that a robot could be a person, complete with attendant rights — an argument with which he then took exception. Now, a Stanford publication illustrates one reason why robots will never attain true consciousness, per philosopher John Searle. From, “Can Joe Six-Pack Compete with Sid […]

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No, Society Should Not Allow “3-Parent” IVF

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The UK rubber stamp Embryo Authority — which for example allowed human cloning experiments with animal eggs — is on the verge of permitting the manufacture of three-parent embryos. The process is done by taking the nucleus out of the egg of one woman, putting it into the enucleated egg of another woman, and then […]

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That New Time Transhumanism Religion

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In my biweekly First Things column, I point out the decidedly religious characteristics of transhumanism. From, “The Materialists’ Rapture:” Transhumanism is becoming the world’s newest religion, offering adherents the kind of hope once within the exclusive province of faith—and without the humbling concept of an omnipotent God to whom one owes prayer and thanksgiving. No […]

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Human Cloning is Here!

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The world just changed. An international consortium of scientists have announced that they have successfully cloned human beings using the process that led to Dolly the sheep. They were able to develop four cloned embryos in a dish to the “blastocyst” stage, the point in time when an embryo can be implanted in a uterus […]

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Buying and Selling Human Embryos

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Methinks human cloning is drawing very near. Elsewhere, I point to growing evidence of this concern. An advocacy article in the New England Journal of Medicine — always on the radical side of bioethical issues — argues for permission to buy and sell “made to order” human embryos. From my piece: But designing the embryo […]

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Kurzweil’s Baby Boomer Narcissism

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For Baby Boomers–my profoundly disappointing generation–it has always been about us. And now, according to Ray Kurzweil, inventor extraordinaire, some of us may live forever. Yes, he’s on again about human immortality. From the story in the Wall Street Journal: “I’m right on the cusp,” he adds. “I think some of us will make it […]

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Transhumanists Want to be Gods

Transhumanism is a collective of (mostly) naked materialists who hope science and technology will replace the deeper meaning they lost by rejecting metaphysical beliefs. Transhumanists harbor futuristic dreams of making themselves immortal and possessing what would now be thought of as superpowers through technological recreation. Toward those ends, they spend a lot of time and […]

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What Could Go Wrong?

Wanted: “Extremely Adventurous Female Human” to be Surrogate Mother for Neanderthal Baby No, this is not a tabloid headline you read while waiting to checkout at the grocery store or something you might find on Craigslist in the Help Wanted ads. This comes from a line by Harvard University’s prestigious geneticist, George Church, highlighted in […]

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Singularity Documentary

Anyone interested in where science, medicine, biotechnology, and information technology are headed should be interested in the concept of the singularity. Helpfully, a documentary has just been released that topic. In an interview with The Atlantic, the filmmaker reveals a bit of his journey to understanding the singularity and making the film. as I interviewed […]

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Caging the Human Cloning Beast

The coming fight over human cloning will make the stem cell debate seem like a day at Disneyland. And it’s coming. Even as you read these words, researchers around the world are striving to lay the claim as the First Human Cloner: One small step for asexual reproduction, one giant leap for Brave New World. […]

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