Some Dutch Pharmacists Say No to Euthanasia

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As we move into a morally polyglot society–with the culture of death rushing to the fore–the question of medical conscience will become increasingly hot button. This is apparently already occurring in the Netherlands where many pharmacists apparently refuse to dispense drugs for use in lethal injection doctor-administered homicides. From the story: Dutch pharmacists sometimes refuse […]

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Belgian Docs Give Selves OK to Kill ICU Patients

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The Journal of Critical Care Medicine has published a statement by the Belgian Society of Critical Care Medicine giving ICU docs the right to kill patients–even though euthanasia in the country is supposed to only be consensual. Under the document, futile care impositions of withdrawing or withholding care are up to the medical team–whatever a patient […]

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Quebec Safe from Euthanasia—For Now

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Quebec’s Parliament came close to legalizing a very radical euthanasia bill, but then the fat was pulled out of the proverbial fire at the last minute, and new elections were called. Boom! The political party pushing so hard for doctor-administered homicide lost the election big-time, perhaps putting euthanasia on hold in Canada’s French province. From the […]

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Feeding Tube Removed Despite Court Order

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Texas has a medical futility–what I call Futile Care Theory–law permitting doctors to remove wanted life-support that works from a patient based on their views about quality of life. Before that is done, patients/families are supposed to receive due process–such as it is–e.g., a hearing before a bioethics Star Chamber committee. Then, if the committee […]

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How to Drive the Dying to Assisted Suicide

Hey kids! I have an idea to cut health care costs: Let’s legalize assisted suicide and also ration care to the elderly and dying! Then we’ll still call it “choice.” Genius! Think that’s alarmist? Assisted suicide is on the front burner in the UK, with the PM personally opposed to assisted suicide but still planning to allow  a free vote […]

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“Team Oz” Helps Woman Starve to Death

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I remember early in my anti-euthanasia activism being approached by a Hemlock Society member after a speech. “How do you envision your death, Mr. Smith?” she asked sweetly. I could only shake my head. “Ma’am,” I replied. “I’m trying to envision my life. My death will take care of itself.” That experience taught me that […]

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Forced Dehydration to Death in Belgium!

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Belgium is what the culture of death looks like, behind the veneer of “compassion” and “choice.” A study in the Journal of Medical Ethics found that nearly 25% of patients denied tube-supplied food and water were dehydrated to death without consent of themselves or family. From the abstract: Response rate was 58.4%. A decision to forgo […]

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Assisted Suicide Corrupts Doctors Too

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A Yale medical professor has written an important article in the Hastings Center Report. He prescribed drugs for a patient, not terminally ill, knowing she would use it to kill herself. First, her reasons for wanting to die were consistent with those often expressed by people who legally commit assisted suicide. From, “Physician Assistance in Dying: A Subtler […]

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To Love–or Kill–Disabled Children?

Sometimes life gives me emotional whiplash. On one hand, a little Canadian girl named Emma narrates a sweet short film, embedded above, about her younger brother Teddy, disabled by cerebral palsy. Teddy is valued and loved. From the New York Times op/ed introduction to the film by Teddy’s mother, Kelly Obrien: My daughter Emma was just 3 […]

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Psychiatrist Opens Door to “Rational Suicide”

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I have been warning for many years about the “rational suicide” movement within the mental health professions. The latest thrust to have psychiatrists sanction some suicidal patients’ self-destruction was just published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry–alarming considering the euthanasia movement’s current energetic attempts to legalize doctor-facilitated death there. Psychiatrist Angela Ho argues that helping keep […]

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