. . . for a human future

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We held our Thirteenth Annual Paul Ramsey Award Dinner on April 16 in Diablo, California. It was a wonderful gathering where we were able to honor the legacy of Paul Ramsey by presenting Dr. Brent Waters with the Paul Ramsey Award for Excellence in Bioethics and by highlighting the work of our Paul Ramsey Institute. […]

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The Physician Becomes a Dying Patient

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A thirty-six year old physician is diagnosed with terminal cancer—and uses his final months of life to teach the world how to both live and die. “What makes human life meaningful?” It’s a question that’s long been pondered by the ancient philosophers, present day psychoanalysts, and just about every single one of us as we […]

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There is Much Work Ahead

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What a busy summer we’ve had! Let me share a few top highlights with you. In early July I flew to Billings, Montana, where I was the sole speaker at a worldview conference. I addressed more than 150 people on work of the CBC around the taking, making, and faking of human life. I gave […]

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Reach and Influence

While we were making our latest documentary film, Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, we knew that it was well timed as surrogacy is becoming an increasingly pressing topic. And indeed, since we released the film in January, surrogacy seems to be in the news more than ever, several states are considering legislation that would legalize […]

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Spring Cleaning Sale

We’re doing some Spring cleaning to clear out some space in the office and get ready for the new season. This means we’re offering extremely low prices on the items below. Perhaps the best deal is our Third-Party Reproduction Trilogy—get ALL THREE films for the price of one. These prices won’t last (and quantities on […]

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Dorothy, We’re Not in Kansas Any More

Legislative battles are heating up across the United States on the issues of surrogacy contracts and the regulation of assisted reproduction. If we are truly concerned for the welfare of women and children, we must oppose such practices.  On January 27, the Kansas State Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare conducted hearings on proposed […]

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This Year Is Off To A Blazing Fast Start

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In just a month and a half we’ve released a new film (now available for online streaming) as well as a Third Party Reproduction Study Guide to accompany and complement Eggsploitation, Anonymous Father’s Day, and Breeders; I’ve been to New York, Washington, Kansas City, and Topeka; our Paul Ramsey Institute met in San Francisco for […]

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Send Breeders to Film Festivals!

We need your help to take Breeders on the road and hit the film festivals in order to have the widest possible impact.   Pledge $1 or more Get a shout out on our social media outlets Pledge $5 or more Get a shout out on our social media outlets and an amazing looking BREEDERS […]

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Think Again: Third Party Reproduction Study Guide Now Available

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Dear Friend of the CBC: As you are aware, film has been an essential part of our work over the past three years. Our 2011 award winning documentary, Eggsploitation, which showcases the stories of women who were seriously harmed selling their eggs has now been screened on over 50 college and university campuses and sold […]

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2013 Winners and Losers

As is our tradition, here are the annual winners and losers as we see it here at the CBC. Winners California Governor Jerry Brown: While there were bills he signed into law that we disagree with, Gov. Brown is a winner this year because of his veto of AB 926. It was a true David […]

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Announcing the 2014 Paul Ramsey Award Recipient

December 11, 2013, Pleasant Hill, CA — The Center for Bioethics and Culture and the Paul Ramsey Award Nominating Committee are pleased to announce Daniel P. Sulmasy, M.D., Ph.D., as the recipient of the 2014 Paul Ramsey Award for Excellence in Bioethics. Dr. Sulmasy is the Kilbride-Clinton Professor of Medicine and Ethics in the Department […]

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Today is #GivingTuesday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been all over the news these past few days, and many retailers do indeed count on Christmas shopping to make their year. Since end-of-year contributions are so vital to nonprofit organizations, the idea of a Giving Tuesday helps bring that to mind in the midst of all the shopping. […]

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Belgium’s Culture of Death

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If you want to see what happens when a society enthusiastically swallows the euthanasia poison, look at Belgium. Perhaps influenced by its neighbor the Netherlands — which pioneered euthanasia permissiveness — Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002. The country has since leaped head-first off a vertical moral cliff. As usual, when the law was being debated, […]

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Modern Families and the Messes We Make

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Assistive reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization not only involve serious medical risks, they also disrupt family life and commodify human beings. It almost always starts with an emotional story: an infertile couple trying desperately to conceive; a woman diagnosed with cancer, worried that she may lose her fertility when she undergoes chemotherapy or […]

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To Educate, To Inform, and To Sway Public Opinion

I need your support now. We have a great window of opportunity to make a positive impact in the space of assisted reproductive technology, the rights of the child, the definition of mother and father, and the dignity of persons. With the release of an updated and expanded Eggsploitation featuring never seen before stories, and […]

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The Big Cloning News You Probably Didn’t Hear

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Nearly two decades have passed since the birth of Dolly the sheep, a clone manufactured through a process known as somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). Since that time, the prospect of human cloning has been eagerly—or fearfully anticipated—throughout the world. Indeed, in 2004, Korean scientist Huang wu-Suk became generated world headlines when he claimed to […]

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The Fallacy of Intelligence and Genetic Determinism

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By Kathleen Sloan, Consultant to the CBC Once again, the mainstream media has jumped on the bandwagon of the latest attempt to link intelligence with genetics, hailing the “wunderkind” behind it. The Wall Street Journal of February 16, 2013, grabbed attention with the headline “A Genetic Code for Genius?” Any serious geneticist would easily dismiss […]

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Hyping Embryonic Stem Cells Like It’s 2004

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I thought we were finally finished with all the hype over embryonic stem cell research. During the first decade of the 21st century, that was pretty much all we got in the media, mostly wild hype about pending CURES! CURES! CURES! Adult stem cell successes—already forging ahead at breakneck speed—were mostly ignored, even though the […]

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