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When Child Custody Battles Move to the Lab

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I have to confess, I hadn’t heard of Sofia Vergara or her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, until the frozen embryo custody battle broke in the news. For those, like me, who aren’t familiar with these two, Vergara is an actress, mostly known for her role in the TV show Modern Family, and Loeb is a businessman […]

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Frozen Life

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In this new video segment posted on CNN, a family from Iowa decides to grow their family through the adoption of frozen embryos. The couple discusses how excited they were to track their embryos as they were shipped to them before implantation. While two embryos were implanted, to their pleasant surprise they discovered twinning had […]

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Leftovers Again?!

Too much in the news today to keep up with on the latest study on what to do with all the leftover embryos. People apparently don’t like their options. One article said “Women are Unhappy With Disposal Options“. Another article recognized the father and said, “Parents Torn Over Fate of Frozen Embryos“. And a third […]

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Embryo Adoption in the News

‘Embryo adoption’ service seeks to give infertile couples a chance to have a family from PhysOrg.com The day the frozen embryo arrived via FedEx was the day Maria Lancaster began experiencing firsthand what she had always believed: that human life begins at conception. […] Note to my readers: I still don’t want to wholeheartedly endorse […]

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