2016 Winners and Losers

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Each year at this time we look back over the past twelve months with an eye toward identifying those whose lives and work actively promoted and affirmed a truly human future, and those who did not. Winners: Stephanie Packer is more than a winner; she really is a hero. Sitting down with her while making […]

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This Week in Bioethics

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1. When is it Too Old to Have a Baby? Another post-menopausal woman (age 62), along with her 78 year old partner, has just given birth, making her Australia’s oldest mother, thanks to IVF. The Australian Medical Association has denounced this birth as “selfish and wrong” with no consideration for the child’s best interest. This […]

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Colorado Legislator Drops “Presumed Consent” Organ “Donation” Proposal

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC As good intentioned as this proposal is, presumed consent for organ donations will just not fly in the USA — as I stated in my earlier post about the then pending Colorado proposal. Now, it has been dropped. Good. Let’s focus on encouraging more people […]

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