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What if Jahi McMath is Alive?

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A news story reports that Jahi McMath, declared dead by the State of California, is being maintained at a Catholic hospital in New Jersey. More, that she may be becoming responsive. From the San Jose Mercury News story: KPIX reported that she is receiving round-the-clock care and has responded to commands, moving specific parts of her […]

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Judge Says No to Hospital “Pull Plug” Demand

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Futile Care Theory (medical futility) permits strangers–doctors, bioethicists, etc.–to overrule a patient’s advance directive or decisions by family to maintain a patient’s life. Boiled down to its essence, it is a sign over the hospital ICU stating, “We reserve the right to refuse service.” Texas law explicitly permits futile care. But apparently not Florida’s. A […]

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Electric Stimulation Treats Severe Brain Damage

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It appears there may be a way to improve the condition of patients in a persistent unconscious and minimally conscious states. From the New Scientist story: People who have been in a minimally conscious state for weeks or years have been temporarily roused using mild electrical stimulation. Soon after it was applied to their brains, […]

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Moving Organ Donors Instead of Organs

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I think this is a very good idea. Rather than procure organs in disparate hospitals, in the Midwest, they are now moving donors to a centralized location. From the AP story: For decades, surgeons have traveled to far-off hospitals to remove organs from brain-dead donors and then rushed back to transplant them. Now an experiment […]

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“Brain Dead” Term Too Loosely Used

I have been following the tragic case of Jahi McMath, who went to Oakland Children’s Hospital for a tonsillectomy and suffered a catastrophic complication, resulting in cardiac arrest. According to the media, her doctors later declared her “brain dead” and told the parents she would be removed from life support. After a lawyer’s letter, Jahi’s […]

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Killing for Organs: Doctor Says Take Neurologically Devastated Patients’ Kidneys Before They are Dead

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC As I have repeatedly reported here and elsewhere, some bioethicists and others in the transplant community seek permission to harvest patients’ organs before they are dead. The latest example is in the Winter 2010 edition of Lahey Clinical Journal of Medical Ethics, in which Brown […]

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Dead Enough?

Wesley J. Smith has written a key piece for our website over here. The comments we are receiving already are quite reactive. One writer suggested the physician mentioned should be charged with murder. What do you think? ShareTweetPinShare

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