Anonymous Father’s Day

Jennifer Lahl Interviewed by Human Life Review

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Ms. Lahl discussed her film and surrogacy with Human Life Review’s John Grondelski. The last time surrogacy was in the mainstream media, Bill and Elizabeth Stern were fighting with Mary Beth Whitehead in a New Jersey court over “Baby M.” But “Baby M” is now 28 years old. Why your interest in surrogacy now? What […]

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It is Meaningful Information

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In Anonymous Father’s Day Barry says, How many people, if they are told that they are sitting in an office across from somebody or they’re on a factory floor for the last ten years across from someone who is actually their brother, would say, “Oh yeah, so what . . .”? For most people, it’s […]

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Think Again: Third Party Reproduction Study Guide Now Available

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Dear Friend of the CBC: As you are aware, film has been an essential part of our work over the past three years. Our 2011 award winning documentary, Eggsploitation, which showcases the stories of women who were seriously harmed selling their eggs has now been screened on over 50 college and university campuses and sold […]

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Not Everything in Life is for Sale Nor Should it Be

Dear Friend, I know that this letter probably finds you, like all of us at the CBC, gearing up for what’s ahead this Fall. Before I get to that, though, I have BIG news. My last letter updated you on the good news that New Jersey Governor Christie and Louisiana Governor Jindal vetoed surrogacy bills. […]

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Big Announcement: Watch Anonymous Father’s Day Online

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We are pleased to report that after much research and work, Anonymous Father’s Day is now available to watch online. Please share this film with your friends—tell everyone you know, and ask them to tell everyone they know! We need your help to spread the message of Anonymous Father’s Day. About Anonymous Father’s Day Thousands […]

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Advertisin’ on the Railroad, All the Live Long Day

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Today, over at First Things, Matthew Franck blogs about recent advertisements for egg donors that have been posted on the New Jersey Transit. As Franck notes, NJ Transit is full of young college-aged girls taking the train to and from Princeton, Rutgers, and other institutions. These young women are easily tempted by lucrative offers to […]

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The Power of Human Stories

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Dear Friend, Thank you for your personal interest in the Center for Bioethics and Culture. I deeply appreciate your commitment to helping make a difference in our world. Here’s a quick glimpse of how your partnership helps make a difference. Our approach to film and media is giving voice to the vulnerable. I just received […]

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Searching for Family

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President Several months back, a donor-conceived friend of mine challenged me to undergo DNA testing as part of my ongoing advocacy in the space of anonymous egg and sperm donation. It was a sort of ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ challenge; see what it’s like to go and search for […]

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Introduction and Orientation

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In the wake of last week’s naming of 2012’s winners and losers in the arena of bioethics, we thought it might be helpful to bring our three films to your attention. The films provide an introduction and orientation to crucial issues in bioethics and how the CBC addresses them. These films have been shown around […]

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Industrial Human Farming

The online magazine Slate carries an article on a new business venture in Texas that “is making and selling human embryos from handpicked donors.” From, “The Embryo Factory: The Business Logic of Made-to-Order Babies:” Ryan represents the next wave of industrial rationality. She’s bringing the innovations of Costco and Burger King to the business of […]

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Anonymous Children; Entitled Parents

Remember your family photographs from childhood? Most individuals take great pride and pleasure in reflecting back on certain periods and memories of their life captured through a simple picture. But, what if you spent your entire childhood and adult life trying to make sense of the fact that you never looked like any of the […]

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Assembly Line IVF

You knew it would come to this. To reduce costs, an IVF doctor is making mass quantities of embryos and selling them on the cheap. From the LA Times story: Dr. Ernest Zeringue was looking for a niche in the cutthroat industry of fertility treatments. He seized on price, a huge obstacle for many patients, […]

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Screening Anonymous Father’s Day at UVA

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Guest post by Elaine Petty, CBC Board Three weeks ago I accompanied Jennifer Lahl to the University of Virginia to show Anonymous Father’s Day at the law school. As a board member of CBC, I was very interested to see firsthand how the movie would be received by these law students. We were joined by […]

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Alana S. Newman: Shark Tank Girl

When I first met Alana, I was at Columbia University Law School screening my documentary film, Eggsploitation. I had done an earlier screening during the day at Fordham University Law School and noted at both of these screenings “they” were following me. They being the women who typically attend my screenings to give me pushback […]

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We All Know It’s Wrong

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CBC President Jennifer Lahl interviews Alana S. Newman, the founder of the Anonymous Us Project about an event that took place in New York on October 1. Jennifer: Last week I received a Google alert telling me about a charity fundraising event in New York City to raise money for Gay men to have babies […]

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You Made this Happen

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We’ve had two major showings recently, which we simply could not have done without your help. I did the interview to the left just before I left for the showing in Rimini, Italy. I am happy to report that the film was very well received by an enthusiastic audience in a packed auditorium. Matthew showed […]

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Thank You

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The screening of Anonymous Father’s Day at the Rome International Film Festival was terrific. The audience was engaged with the film and asked great questions during the Q&A that followed. In addition, we received several compliments on the film: “absolutely riveting,” “so well done,” “well structured,” “informative,” “everyone spoke so clearly and eloquently,” “well told.” […]

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Rome International Film Festival

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I’ve just arrived in Rome, GA for the festival. Anonymous Father’s Day screens in about 45 minutes. Here are a couple of snapshots so far. ShareTweetPinShare

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