Are Disabled Children Worth Less?

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I read with bone-chilling despair “The Last Child of Down Syndrome” by Sarah Zhang in the December issue of The Atlantic magazine. The title alone conjured images of P.D. James’s novel, “The Children of Men,” which was made into a film, “Children of Men.” If you are unfamiliar with this story, I highly recommend it. […]

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Melinda Gates Right About Abortion

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Melinda Gates, who with her husband gives millions to pay for women’s health care, says that the Gates Foundation will not fund abortion internationally because it isn’t “health care.”  From the World story: Abortion should not be confused with women’s healthcare, philanthropist Melinda Gates wrote on June 2 in a blog post applauded by pro-lifers […]

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Australia Pro Life Legislation Sparks Firestorm

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A Victoria MP is creating major storm waves because he wants to bring the state’s abortion law into some measure of reason. From the Herald Sun story: Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said maverick MP Geoff Shaw was “off the reservation” and Labor would not support a debate on his radical proposed changes to abortion legislation… […]

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Soylent Green is Fetuses

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I reported here a bit ago about how some hospitals in the UK were using the bodies of aborted and miscarried fetuses as fuel for the heating system. Now, dead fetuses are being incinerated to create electricity in Oregon and Canada. From the Lifesitenews story: The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of […]

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